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Express5800/bladeserver series
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The N8405-013F BladeServer Assembly Unit is a 4U rack-mounted enclosure that offers space- and
power-efficient performance and serviceability.
The CPU blade, hard disk drive, and other CPU blades are typically installed into the blade
assembly unit that houses multiple CPU blades that share common resources such as cabling, power
supplies, and cooling fans.
Read this User's Guide thoroughly to fully understand the handling of the blade assembly unit and
appreciate its functions to the maximum extent.

Text Conventions

The following conventions are used throughout this User's Guide. For safety symbols, see
"SAFETY INDICATIONS" provided earlier.

Related Documents

In addition to this guide, refer to the following documentation for configuring your system.
NEC Express5800/120Ba-4 User's Guide
NEC Express5800/120Ba-4 Getting Started
Items that are mandatory or require attention when using the blade
assembly unit
Helpful and convenient piece of information


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents