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Power Supply And Power Cord - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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Power Supply and Power Cord

Do not hold the power plug with your hands wet.
Do not disconnect/connect the plug with your hands wet. Failure to follow this
warning may cause an electric shock.
Do not connect the ground wire to a gas pipe.
Never connect the ground wire to a gas pipe. Failure to follow this warning may
cause a gas explosion.
Plug in to a proper power source.
Use a proper wall outlet. Use of an improper power source may cause a fire or
a power leak.
Do not install the blade assembly unit in a place where you will need an
extension cord to reach the power outlet. (Purchase the optional power cord set
if required.) Using a cord that does not meet the power specifications of the
blade assembly unit may heat up the cord and cause a fire.
Do not connect the power cord to an outlet that has an illegal number of
The electric current exceeding the rated flow overheats the outlet, which may
cause a fire.
Insert the power plug into the outlet as far as it goes.
Heat generation resulting from a halfway inserted power plug (imperfect
contact) may cause a fire. Heat will also be generated if condensation is formed
on dusty blades of a halfway inserted plug, increasing the possibility of fire.



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