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Express5800/bladeserver series
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Do not use the blade assembly unit for services where critical high availability
may directly affect human lives.
This system is not intended to be used with or to control facilities or devices
concerning human lives, including medical devices, nuclear facilities and
devices, aeronautics and space devices, transportation facilities and devices;
and facilities and devices requiring high reliability. NEC assumes no liability for
any accident resulting in personal injury, death, or property damage if the
system has been used in the above conditions.
Do not disassemble, repair, or alter the blade assembly unit.
Never attempt to disassemble, repair, or alter the blade assembly unit on any
occasion other than described in this User's Guide. Failure to follow this
instruction may cause an electric shock, fire, as well as malfunctions of the
Do not use the blade assembly unit if any smoke, odor, or noise is present.
If smoke, odor, or noise is present, immediately turn off the POWER switch and
disconnect the power plug from the outlet, then contact your service
representative. Using the blade assembly unit in such conditions may cause a
Keep needles or metal objects away from the blade assembly unit.
Do not insert needles or metal objects into the ventilation holes in the blade
assembly unit. Doing so may cause an electric shock.
Do not look into the CD-ROM drive.
The laser beam used in CD-ROM drives is harmful to the eyes. Do not look into
or insert a mirror into the drive while the drive is powered. If a laser beam
catches your eyes, you may lose your eyesight (the laser beam is invisible).


Table of Contents

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