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Summary of Contents for NEC 120Ef

  • Page 1 HDD Cage User’s Guide...
  • Page 3 Since implementation by customers of each product may vary, the suitability of specific prod- uct configurations and applications must be determined by the customer and is not warranted by NEC Computers International.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Proprietary Notice and Liability Disclaimer ........................i CONTENTS ..................................iii Using This Guide ................................v Text Related Documents..............................vii Safety Notices................................viii Warning: Safety Notices for Users Outside of the USA and Canada................x Fire Related Notices ..............................xi Shock Related Notices...............................xii Care and Handling ..............................xiii Precautions for Use..............................xiv System Overview ................................1-1 Identifying Items...............................1-2...
  • Page 7: Using This Guide

    Using This Guide This User’s Guide provides a quick reference to information about the HDD Cage. Its goal is to familiarize you with the HDD Cage and the tasks necessary to make it func- tional. This guide contains the following information: Chapter 1, ‘System Overview’...
  • Page 8: Text Conventions

    Text Conventions This guide uses the following text conventions. Warnings, cautions, and notes have the following meanings: WARNING Warnings alert you to situations that could result in serious personal injury or loss of life. CAUTION Cautions indicate situations that can damage the system hardware or software.
  • Page 9: Related Documents

    Related Documents RAK TM In addition to this guide, the following documentation is included on the F ATA RAID Disk Array Controller CD-ROM. S-ATA RAID Controller User’s Guide The S-ATA RAID Controller User’s Guide contains important information on using your controller board. Refer to this guide for detailed explanations on how to install the controller, use the on-board FastBuild utility to configure arrays and take full advantage of maintenance features.
  • Page 10: Safety Notices

    Safety Notices Caution: Lithium batteries can be dangerous. Improper handling of lithium batteries may result in an explosion. Dispose of lithium batteries as required by local ordinance. Replace only with the same or equivalent type battery. The equipment uses 3-wire, grounded power cords. To prevent electrical hazards, do not remove or defeat the ground prong on the power cords.
  • Page 11 Be sure to power off the equipment and unplug its power cords from the wall outlet before installation/relocation. All voltage is removed only when the power cords are unplugged. Turn off your cellular phone or pager when you use the equipment. Their radio waves may cause the equipment to malfunction.
  • Page 12: Warning: Safety Notices For Users Outside Of The Usa And Canada

    Warning: Safety Notices for Users Outside of the USA and Canada PELV (Protectec Extra-Low Voltage) Integrity: To ensure the extra-low voltage integrity of the equipment, connect only equipment with mains-protected electrically-compatible circuits to the external ports. Remote Earths: To prevent electrical shock, connect all local (individual office) computers and computer support equipment to the same electrical circuit of the building wiring.
  • Page 13: Fire Related Notices

    Fire Related Notices Caution: To prevent fires, and damage to the equipment and supply wiring, make sure that the rated load of the power branch circuit is not exceeded. Equipment nameplate ratings should be used when addressing this concern. For more information on installation and wiring of power-related facilities, contact your electrician or local power company.
  • Page 14: Shock Related Notices

    Shock Related Notices WARNING Do not insert a wire or metal objects into a vent or disk drive slot. There is a risk of an electric shock. Do not let water or foreign objects (e.g., pins or paper clips) enter the equipment.
  • Page 15: Care And Handling

    Care and Handling Use the following guidelines to properly handle and care for your system. Protect the system from extremely low or high temperatures. Let the system warm (or cool) to room temperature before using it. Keep the system away from magnetic forces. Keep the system dry.
  • Page 16: Precautions For Use

    Precautions for Use The following precautions must be taken when using this product. Ignoring these precau- tions while using this product may damage data and/or other devices: To prevent data loss, make sure to regularly backup essential data saved on the hard disk drive.
  • Page 17: System Overview

    System Overview • Identifying items • Part Names and Functions System Overview 1-1...
  • Page 18: Identifying Items

    Identifying Items Identify the following items : S-ATA HDD Cage with four trays I2C Cable S-ATA HDD Cage with four trays I2C Cable Figure 1-1: Identifying Items System Overview 1-2...
  • Page 19: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and Functions Figure 1-2: HDD Cage Part Names and Functions Channel 1 (Port 1) S-ATA Connector S-ATA Connector is to be connected to channel 1 on the S-ATA Disk Array Controller. Channel 2 (Port 2) S-ATA Connector S-ATA Connector is to be connected to channel 2 on the S-ATA Disk Array Controller.
  • Page 20 System Overview 1-4...
  • Page 21: Handling The Hdd Cage

    Handling the HDD Cage Handling the HDD Cage 2-1...
  • Page 22: Removing Or Replacing The Hdd Cage

    Removing or replacing the HDD Cage WARNING Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before installation. If you touch parts inside the controller with the power cord plugged, there is a risk of an electric shock. Pull out the power cord by holding onto the plug. Pulling the cord may damage the cord coating resulting in power leakage or electric shock.
  • Page 23 7. Install the new cage in the installation slots of the system paying attention to the direction of the HDD Cage. Please refer to the Making Connections section of this guide for details. HDD Cage 8. Install the hard disk drives removed in 4 in their original slots. Please refer to the Installing Hard Disk Drives section of this guide for details.
  • Page 24 Handling the HDD Cage 2-4...
  • Page 25: Making Connections

    Making Connections Making Connections 3-1...
  • Page 26 1. Make sure that the Disk Array Controller (S-ATA) is installed in the system. If not, install the Disk Array Controller into the system. Note: Refer to the Disk Array Controller user’s guide for details on installing the Disk Array Controller. 2.
  • Page 27 3. Connect the power cables to the two power connectors on the HDD Cage. Note: Use two power cables instead of a single power cable for the power cable connection to the HDD Cage. Power cables HDD cage Figure 3-2: Connecting the Power Cables 4.
  • Page 28 5. Connect the four cables to the HDD cage. When connecting cables, the channel numbers on the HDD cage must match the numbers on the cables. - You can see the channel numbers (CH1, CH2, CH3, and Note: CH4) near the cable connectors. - Connect the cables to the connectors aligned in the order of CHANNEL1 (Port1), CHANNEL2 (Port2), CHANNEL3 (Port3), and CHANNEL4 (Port4) from the bottom to the top.
  • Page 29 7. After connecting all the cables including the S-ATA cables, fix them with cable clamps. Always make sure that the cables are connected straight and securely. 1. The cable clamps are accessories of the Disk Array Note: Controller. 2. Refer to Disk Array Controller user’s guide for details about the positions on which the clamps are to be attached.
  • Page 30 Option 5.25-inch Option device bay CD-ROM Option S-ATA RAID controller board IDE #3 3.5-inch IDE #2 disk bay Master PCI#1 IDE #1 (Optional Master PCI#2 Floppy Disk Master hard disk PCI#3 Master drives) PCI#4 PCI#5 CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 DAC LED connector IDE cable LED cable FDD cable...
  • Page 31: Installing Hard Disk Drives

    Installing Hard Disk Drives Installing Hard Disk Drives 4-1...
  • Page 32 CAUTION Handle Hard Disk Drives carefully so that they may not be given shocks. A shock may cause the hard disk drives to break down. 1. Remove the four screws and the spacer from the tray. Note: The removed screws will be used to install the hard disk drive and the tray CAUTION For cooling purposes, do not leave any empty slot.
  • Page 33 2. Fix the S-ATA hard disk drive on the tray with four screws. Handle Switch (pale green) Disk Lamp (indicates hard disk drive status) Figure 4-2: S-ATA Hard Disk Drive 3. Push the pale green switch (it is located on the handle of the tray in which a hard disk drive is installed) to release the lock.
  • Page 34 5. Push the hard disk drive until the handle hits the frame and push the handle slowly into the tray until it is locked with a click. Then, push the center of the handle so that the hard disk drive is fully inserted. Figure 4-3: Inserting the hard disk drive.
  • Page 35: Appendix

    Appendix • Operation / Maintenance • Specifications Appendix A-1...
  • Page 36: Operation / Maintenance

    Operation / Maintenance When you require maintenance service, please contact your sales representative or agency. Specifications External dimensions 156 mm (width) x 222 mm (height) x 205 mm (depth) Weight 1.78 kg Power consumption 4.7 Watts Operating temperature 10 to 45° C Operating relative 20 to 80% (non-condensing) humidity...

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