NEC N8405-013F User Manual page 20

Express5800/bladeserver series
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Do not pull out a device from the rack if the rack is unstable.
Always pull out a device from the rack only if the rack is perfectly stable (by the
installation of stabilizers or earthquake-resistant construction).
Do not leave more than one device pulled out from the rack.
Pulling out more than one device from the rack at the same time may cause the
rack to fall. Only pull out a single device from the rack at a time.
Be careful when wiring the blade assembly unit not to exceed the rating of the
power supply.
To prevent burns, fires, and device damages, the power supplied to the power
supply in the rack shall not exceed the rating load of the power branch circuit.
Contact your electric constructor or the local power company for the
requirements on the wiring and installation of electric facilities.


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