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Express5800/bladeserver series
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Do not install the rack in the following locations as it may cause malfunctions of the rack, enclosure,
or both.
Narrow space from which devices cannot be pulled out from the rack completely.
Place that cannot bear the total weights of the rack and devices mounted on the rack.
Place where stabilizers cannot be installed or where the rack can be installed only after the
practice of proper earthquake-resistant construction.
Place of uneven or slanting floor.
Place where drastic temperature changes occur (near a heater, air conditioner, or
Place where intense vibration may be generated.
Place where corrosive gas is generated, chemicals are nearby, or chemicals may be
accidentally sprayed over.
Place where a carpet not subject to anti-static process is laid.
Place where some objects may fall on the rack.
Place near a device generating an intense magnetic field (such as a TV, radio,
broadcast/communication antenna, power transmission wire, and electromagnetic crane) is
placed (If unavoidable, contact your sales agent to request proper shield construction.).
Place where the power cord of the server must be connected to an AC outlet that shares
the outlet of another device with large power consumption.
Place near equipment that generates power noise (e.g., contact spark at
power-on/power-off of commercial power supply through a relay). If you must install the
server close to such equipment, request your sales agent for separate power cabling or
noise filter installation.


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