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For Proper Operation; Transfer To Third Party And Disposal - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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For Proper Operation

Observe the following notes for successful operation of the server. Using of the blade assembly unit
while ignoring the notes will cause malfunctions or failures of the blade assembly unit.
Blade Assembly Unit
Mount the blade assembly unit on a rack which can accept the blade assembly unit.
Do not hold the front and rear fan units, or the cable tray on the rear side, to carry the
Blade Assembly Unit.
Remove either the front or the rear fan unit, if necessary. Do not remove both the front
and rear fan units at the same time.
Always re-install properly the components (including fans) removed during the
installation or removal of each device.
Periodically clear the dust adhering to the external surfaces of the server and to the fans
located at the front and rear of the server.
The power voltage may drop instantaneously due to lightning or other causes. To prevent
loss of data or damages to the server, we recommend you use uninterruptible power
Optional power supply unit and other electronic devices
These components are extremely sensitive to static electricity. Make sure to touch the
metal frame of the server to discharge static electricity from your body before handling
the components. Do not touch the hard disk drive terminals or on-board parts with your
hands bare and/or place the hard disk drive directly on the desk.
Make sure that the options are optional devices for the purchased blade server. Even if an
option can be installed or connected to the server, the option may not operate properly and
further the server itself may be defected.
We recommended you use options provided by NEC. Some memory devices and hard
disk drives of other vendors can be compatible with the server, however, if a third-party
option causes damage or defect within the server, you will be charged for the repair even
within the warranty period.

Transfer to Third Party and Disposal

Make sure to provide all the accessories supplied with this product to a third party.
Dispose of the blade assembly unit and all the internal devices according to national laws
and regulations.



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