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Handling Floppy Disks - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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Handling Floppy Disks

The floppy disk is an important data storage media with delicate structure and requires care. Keep
the following notes in mind to use it:
Insert the floppy disk into the floppy disk drive gently as far as it goes.
Attach the label to the correct position.
Do not write anything directly onto the disk surface with a pencil or ballpoint pen.
Do not open the shutter.
Do not use the floppy disk in a dusty place.
Do not place anything on the floppy disk.
Do not leave the floppy disk in a high-temperature place (e.g., place exposed to direct
sunlight or close to a heater).
Keep the floppy disk away from cigarette smoke.
Keep the floppy disk away from any liquid (e.g., water) and chemicals.
Keep the floppy disk away from any magnetic objects (e.g., magnet).
Do not pinch the floppy disk with a paper clip or drop it.
Keep the floppy disk in a floppy disk case that protects it from magnetism and dust.
A floppy disk has a write-protect switch that prevents the stored data from accidental
erasure. You can read data from a write-protected floppy disk, but you cannot save data
into the floppy disk or format it. NEC recommends that you should write-protect any
floppy disk containing valuable data unless you are about to save data. To write-protect a
3.5-inch floppy disk, use the write-protect switch provided on its back.
Write-protect switch
The floppy disk is a very delicate storage media. Dust or thermal changes, as well as
operator's misconduct or sever failures, may cause loss of data. To avoid any loss of data,
NEC recommends that you should make a back-up copy of your valuable data on a
regular basis. (Make sure to make a back-up copy of every floppy disk provided with the



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