Handling The Cd-Rom - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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Handling the CD-ROM

Keep the following notes in mind to use the CD-ROM for the blade assembly unit:
The ability to play back disks that do not conform to the CD standard is not guaranteed.
Do not drop the CD-ROM.
Do not place anything on the CD-ROM or bend the CD-ROM.
Do not attach any label onto the CD-ROM.
Do not touch the signal side (nothing is printed on this side) with your hand.
Place the CD-ROM with its printed side upward and gently put it on the tray.
Do not scratch the CD-ROM or write anything directly on it with a pencil or ballpoint
Keep the CD-ROM away from cigarette smoke.
Do not leave the CD-ROM in a high-temperature place (e.g., place exposed to direct
sunlight or close to a heater).
When dust or fingerprints are attached on the CD-ROM, wipe the CD-ROM from its
center to edge with a dry soft cloth slowly and gently.
Use a specific CD cleaner to clean the CD-ROM. Do not use record spray/cleaner,
benzene, or thinner.
Keep the CD-ROM in a CD-ROM case when not in use.


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