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NEC N8141-62F Installation And Handling Manual

Module enclosure


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Installation and Handling Guide
Before installing this product in your system, carefully read through and understand the
precautions for use described in the Getting Started supplied with the server module to use
the product safely.
We recommend that you have your local service/maintenance center do this work.
If you disregard precautions, it may cause malfunction of the device, human body injury, fire
and/or damage to the machine parts around the device.
Make sure to unplug the power plug from the electrical outlet
and unplug the cables connected to external devices from
the machine before installing or removing the product.
Touching the device of the NEC Express server with its
power plug connected to a power source may cause an
electric shock even if the NEC Express server is powered
Never attempt to disassemble, repair, or alter the NEC
Express server under any circumstances other than
described in this guide. Failure to follow these instructions
may cause an electric shock or fires as well as malfunctions
of the server.
Keep this Guide in a safe place.
Module Enclosure
Unplug the power plug.
Electric shock hazard
Prohibition of
Fire hazard
Electric shock hazard
N8141-62F Module Enclosure
Installation and Handling Guide
* 856-129811-101-00 *
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Summary of Contents for NEC N8141-62F

  • Page 1 Touching the device of the NEC Express server with its power plug connected to a power source may cause an Electric shock hazard electric shock even if the NEC Express server is powered off.
  • Page 2: Notes For Use

    Components Check that the following items are enclosed in the package. Item Name Quantity Remarks Module Enclosure Rail kit Set of right & left EXPRESSBUILDER PL guide Module Enclosure Installation and Handling Guide This guide Notes for Use Please be sure to observe the following notes after unpacking the product. ●...
  • Page 3 Installing the Module Enclosure into rack This server must be mounted to a rack which conforms to EIA standards for use. Refer to the manual that comes with your rack for how to install the rack, or consult with your sales representative.
  • Page 4 Mount the server to the rack. WARNING Be sure to observe the following precautions to use the server safety. Failure to observe the precautions may cause death or serious injury. For details, refer to Safety precautions in Precautions for Use. Do not use any racks out of standards.
  • Page 5 Mounting rails 1. Mount the rail marked with "RIGHT" to the right side viewed from the front of rack. Similarly, mount the rail marked with "LEFT" to the left side of rack. Engage the angle protrusion of rail with the hole on 19-inch rack. Mount the rail while pushing the locking mechanism until it is securely locked.
  • Page 6 Installation Mount the server to a rack in the following procedure. Important Always install the server with three or more persons. 1. Push the server into rack, and secure it with screws on left and right sides. Removal Remove the server from the rack in the following procedure 1.
  • Page 7 Installation Server Node into Enclosure Mount the server node to each slot on enclosure in the following procedure. (1) Server Node Right Installation (A) push the lock to right side (B) pull the lever upside (C) install and lock the lever Important Pay attention to touch server node with the right inside wall of chassis...
  • Page 8 Slot number of enclosure Slot number on enclosure is as following. Installing order is slot1 -> slot2 -> slot3 -> slot4. Slot1 Slot2 Slot3 Slot4 Blank panel installation Install blank panel on the slot that not installed server node. N8141-61F Blank Panel 856-129811-101-00 8 / 11...
  • Page 9 Power on procedure Connect the power cord. Be sure to use the specified power cord. When the power cord is connected to one of the power supply unit, its AC POWER LED blinks green. At this time, AC POWER LED on another power supply unit goes on amber. When another power cord is connected, AC POWER LEDs on both power supply units turn on green.
  • Page 10: Operating Procedure

    Applying SDR Data * Be sure to set up SDR after installing 1st CPU. Cautions 1) When you turn on the power after the replacement of the mother board, the rotation speed of the internal cooling fan may be fast and slow repeatedly. This incident will not occur after completing SDR set up. 2) When the speed remains fast and slow repeatedly, a large amount of fan failure logs are recorded.
  • Page 11 Protection form N8141-62F Module Enclosure Installation and Handling Guide 856-129811-101-00 11 / 11...