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Lenovo S3200 Setup Manual: Testing Enclosure Connections; Powering On/powering Off; Ac Psu

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Testing enclosure connections

Power cycling procedures vary according to the type of power supply unit (PSU) provided with the
enclosure. Some enclosure models are equipped with PSUs possessing power switches; whereas
S3200/S2200 controller enclosures use PSUs that have no power switch.
The following section,
installed within enclosures. Once the power-on sequence succeeds, the storage system is ready to be
connected to hosts as described in

Powering on/powering off

Before powering on the enclosure for the first time:
• Install all disk drives in the enclosure so the controller can identify and configure them at power-up.
• Connect the cables and power cords to the enclosure as described herein.
NOTE: Newer 2U AC PSUs do not have power switches. Switchless PSUs power on when
connected to a power source, and power off when disconnected.
• Generally, when powering up, make sure to power up the enclosures and associated data host in the
following order:
• Drive enclosures first
This ensures that the disks in the drive enclosure have enough time to completely spin up before
being scanned by the controller modules within the controller enclosure.
While enclosures power up, their LEDs blink. After the LEDs stop blinking—if no LEDs on the front and
back of the enclosure are amber—the power-on sequence is complete, and no faults have been detected.
LED descriptions
• Controller enclosure next
Depending upon the number and type of disks in the system, it may take several minutes for the
system to become ready.
• Data host last (if powered down for maintenance purposes).
TIP: Generally, when powering off, you will reverse the order of steps used for powering on.


Controller and drive enclosures configured with switchless PSUs rely on the power cord for power cycling.
Connecting the cord from the PSU power cord connector to the appropriate power source facilitates power
on; whereas disconnecting the cord from the power source facilitates power off.
Installing the enclosures
Powering on/powering
off, describes power cycling procedures relative to PSUs
Connecting the enclosure to hosts
on page 56 for descriptions of LED behavior.
Figure 15 AC PSU
on page 30
Power cord connect



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