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7. At the prompt, enter the following command to set the values you obtained in
port, first for controller A, and then for controller B:
set network-parameters ip address netmask netmask gateway gateway
controller a|b
• address is the IP address of the controller
• netmask is the subnet mask
• gateway is the IP address of the subnet router
• a|b specifies the controller whose network parameters you are setting
For example:
# set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller a
# set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller b
8. Enter the following command to verify the new IP addresses:
show network-parameters
Network parameters, including the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address are displayed for
each controller.
9. Use the ping command to verify connectivity to the gateway address.
For example:
# ping
Info: Pinging with 4 packets.
Success: Command completed successfully. - The remote computer responded
with 4 packets.(2011-12-19 10:20:37)
10. In the host computer's command window, type the following command to verify connectivity, first for
controller A and then for controller B:
ping controller-IP-address
If you cannot access your system for at least three minutes after changing the IP address, you might
need to restart the Management Controller(s) using the serial CLI.
When you restart a Management Controller, communication with it is temporarily lost until it
successfully restarts.
Enter the following command to restart the Management Controller in both controllers:
restart mc both
IMPORTANT: When configuring an iSCSI system or a system using a combination of FC and iSCSI
SFPs, do not restart the Management Controller or exit the terminal emulator session until
configuring the CNC ports as described in
1 1. When you are done using the CLI, exit the emulator.
12. Retain the IP addresses (recorded in step 1) for accessing and managing the controllers using the SMC
or the CLI.
NOTE: Using HyperTerminal with the CLI on a Microsoft Windows host:
On a host computer connected to a controller module's mini-USB CLI port, incorrect command syntax in a
HyperTerminal session can cause the CLI to hang. To avoid this problem, use correct syntax, use a different
terminal emulator, or connect to the CLI using telnet rather than the mini-USB cable.
Be sure to close the HyperTerminal session before shutting down the controller or restarting its Management
Controller. Otherwise, the host's CPU cycles may rise unacceptably.
Change the CNC port mode
Lenovo Storage S3200/S2200 Setup Guide
step 1
for each Network
on page 44.



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