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Lenovo S3200 Setup Manual: Troubleshooting; Usb Cli Port Connection; Fault Isolation Methodology; Basic Steps

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USB CLI port connection
Lenovo Storage S3200/S2200 controllers feature a CLI port employing a mini-USB Type B form factor. If
you encounter problems communicating with the port after cabling your computer to the USB device, you
may need to either download a device driver (Windows), or set appropriate parameters via an operating
system command (Linux). See Appendix D for more information.
Fault isolation methodology
S3200/S2200 storage systems provide many ways to isolate faults. This section presents the basic
methodology used to locate faults within a storage system, and to identify the pertinent CRUs (Customer
Replaceable Units) affected.
As noted in
Basic operation
completing the hardware installation. As part of this process, configure and enable event notification so the
system will notify you when a problem occurs that is at or above the configured severity (see "Using the
Configuration Wizard > Configuring event notification" within the Storage Manager Guide). With event
notification configured and enabled, you can follow the recommended actions in the notification message
to resolve the problem, as further discussed in the options presented below.
Basic steps
The basic fault isolation steps are listed below:
• Gather fault information, including using system LEDs
Gather fault information
• Determine where in the system the fault is occurring
Determine where the fault is occurring
• Review event logs
Review the event logs
• If required, isolate the fault to a data path component or configuration
Isolate the fault
Options available for performing basic steps
When performing fault isolation and troubleshooting steps, select the option or options that best suit your
site environment. Use of any option (four options are described below) is not mutually-exclusive to the use
of another option. You can use the SMC to check the health icons/values for the system and its
components to ensure that everything is okay, or to drill down to a problem component. If you discover a
problem, the SMC and the CLI provide recommended-action text online. Options for performing basic
steps are listed according to frequency of use:
• Use the SMC
• Use the CLI
• Monitor event notification
• View the enclosure LEDs
Use the SMC
The SMC uses health icons to show OK, Degraded, Fault, or Unknown status for the system and its
components. The SMC enables you to monitor the health of the system and its components. If any
component has a problem, the system health will be Degraded, Fault, or Unknown. Use the web
application's GUI to drill down to find each component that has a problem, and follow actions in the
component Health Recommendations field to resolve the problem.
on page 45, use the SMC to configure and provision the system upon
on page 47)
on page 47)
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