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Lenovo S3200 Setup Manual: Diagnostic Steps; Is The Enclosure Front Panel Fault/service Required Led Amber; Diagnostics Led Status: Front Panel "fault/service Required

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When on-site, you can verify that there is no I/O activity by briefly monitoring the system LEDs; however,
when accessing the storage system remotely, this is not possible. Remotely, you can use the show
disk-group-statistics command to determine if input and output has stopped. Perform these steps:
1. Using the CLI, run the show disk-group-statistics command.
The Number of Reads and Number of Writes outputs show the number of these operations
that have occurred since the statistic was last reset, or since the controller was restarted. Record the
numbers displayed.
2. Run the show disk-group-statistics command a second time.
This provides you a specific window of time (the interval between requesting the statistics) to determine
if data is being written to or read from the disk group. Record the numbers displayed.
3. To determine if any reads or writes occur during this interval, subtract the set of numbers you recorded
step 1
from the numbers you recorded in
• If the resulting difference is zero, then I/O has stopped.
• If the resulting difference is not zero, a host is still reading from or writing to this disk group.
Continue to stop I/O from hosts, and repeat
NOTE: See the CLI Reference Guide for additional information. Optionally, you can use the SMC to
monitor IOPs and MB/s.

Diagnostic steps

This section describes possible reasons and actions to take when an LED indicates a fault condition during
initial system setup. See Appendix A –
NOTE: Once event notification is configured and enabled using the SMC, you can view event logs to
monitor the health of the system and its components using the GUI.
In addition to monitoring LEDs via line-of-sight observation of the racked hardware components when
performing diagnostic steps, you can also monitor the health of the system and its components using the
management interfaces previously discussed. Bear this in mind when reviewing the Actions column in the
following diagnostics tables, and when reviewing the step procedures provided later in this chapter.

Is the enclosure front panel Fault/Service Required LED amber?

Table 7 Diagnostics LED status: Front panel "Fault/Service Required"
LED descriptions
Possible reasons
System functioning properly.
A fault condition exists/occurred.
If installing an I/O module CRU, the
module has gone online and likely failed
its self-test.
step 1
step 2
until the difference in
for descriptions of all LED statuses.
No action required.
Check the LEDs on the back of the controller to
narrow the fault to a CRU, connection, or both.
Check the event log for specific information
regarding the fault; follow any Recommended
If installing an IOM CRU, try removing and
reinstalling the new IOM, and check the event log
for errors.
If the above actions do not resolve the fault,
isolate the fault, and contact Lenovo for
assistance. Replacement may be necessary.
Lenovo Storage S3200/S2200 Setup Guide
step 3
is zero.



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