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Operation - JTS UF-10R Product Manual

Professional wideband (60~75mhz) true diversity system
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6. Operation

6-1 Operation setup for broadband true diversity receiver system //
1. Turn receiver power on
(1) Connect antennas onto the receiver
(2) Press power key
once to turn power on
(3) Shut down: press and hold power key for 2 seconds.
2. Adjust volume
On main menu, turn jog dial to adjust volume, ranging from MUTE, -31 ~ 0 dB.
3. REMOSET function:
(1) Pressing REMOSET key, blue light starts to flash, indicating transmitting frequency data.
(Fig. 1)
Professional Wideband (60~75MHz) True Diversity System
wireless receiver
wireless receiver
Fig. 1
(2) When microphone receives data, microphone indicator lamp
seconds, while receiver blue light stops flashing, indicating the REMOSET has been done
successfully . (Fig. 2)
(3) Receiver blue light flashes slowly, indicating REMOSET failure, please check it:
1) Whether "frequency range labels" attached on receiver and microphone are the same.
2) "REMOSET" selection in microphone function menu needs to be set "ON".
3) Device ID for receiver and microphone should be paired.
Refer to receiver setup method:
4. Menu function setup "6. Device ID: set device ID"
Refer to handheld transmitter setup method:
6. Menu function setup "4. Device ID: set device ID"
4. Menu function setup:
Press Setup key for 2 seconds to enter menu screen
(1) Turn jog dial to make desired selection; press Setup key or press jog dial to enter setup
screen; press Exit key to leave menu.
(2) After entering into menu screen, turn jog dial to select default item; press Setup key or press
jog dial to enter into menu screen.
(3) After selecting the desired item, turn jog dial to obtain desired value; press Setup key to save
the setting.
shows blue light for 5
Fig. 2



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