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JTS US-8001D Instruction Manual

Us-8216d series
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US-8216D Series
/US-8216D Series
Instruction Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 US-8001D us-8002d(DB) US-8216D Series US-8001D /US-8002D /US-8216D Series Instruction Manual 59506-036-09...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    5-4 Body-pack Transmitter // PT-850B(mi) 6. System operation Thank you for choosing the JTS wireless system. In order to obtain the best efficiency from the system, you are recommended to take a few minutes to read this instruction manual carefully.
  • Page 3: Important Caution

    Due to the PLL synthesized technology, the system offer 16 selectable channel. Operation Voltage......US-8002D(DB)/US-8216D: 12-18 VDC, 200mA • The true diversity reception with 2 independent RF receivers ensure the stable transmission and US-8001D(DB): 12-18 VDC, 150mA reception. Output Connector....... 1 Balanced XLR socket •...
  • Page 4: Miniature Head Worn Transmitter/Ut-16Hw

    3-3 Miniature Head Worn Transmitter 3-5 Optional Condenser Microphone Lavaliere Microphone Model No....... CM-501 CM-201 CM-125 Model No........UT-16HW Connector......4P Mini XLR 4P Mini XLR 4P Mini XLR Frequency Preparation..PLL Synthesized Control Frequency Response..100~15,000 Hz 60~15,000 Hz 50~18,000 Hz Carrier Frequency Range..
  • Page 5: Part Identification & Accessories

    4. Parts Identification & Accessories 4-1 Receiver // US-8001D(DB) / US-8002D(DB)/US-8216D Ear-hook Microphone Power On (US-8001D) Model No....... CM-801/CM-804i CM-8015/CM-825i Channel Selector Connector......801C4 (4 pin mini XLR) 801C4 (4 pin mini XLR) RF indicator Option Connector... 801C3 (3 pin mini XLR)
  • Page 6: Miniature Head Worn Transmitter/Ut-16Hw

    4-3 Miniature Head Worn Transmitter/UT-16HW Headset Microphone // CM-214 / CM-214U / CM-214UL / CM-235 / CX-504 Gooseneck Gooseneck Headband Adjustable headband Battery Lid(Color ID):Orang/White/Gray Headband Adjustable elastic headband 4 Pin Mini XLR Input gain Channel selector Windscreen Power On/Mute/Off switch LED indicator for power On/Off, bettery status and mute Sweat Shield...
  • Page 7 Ear-hook Microphone // CM-801 / CM-804i / CM-8015 / CM-825i Compatible Instrument Microphone // CX-500 / CX-500F / CX-520 / CX-508W / CX-516W Boom Adjustable Headband Adjustable ear hook Gooseneck Detchable Cable Clip Cable Clip CM-801 Bracket Windscreen Volume Control 4 Pin Mini XLR Windscreen Option...
  • Page 8: Accessories

    5. Preparing Procedures & Basic Operation 4-6 Accessories 5-1 Receiver // US-8001D(DB) / US-8002D(DB)/US-8216D AC/DC adaptor (1) Audio Output Connector Switching Power Supply(100V~240V , 50~60Hz) The receiver equipped with both balanced XLR output and unbalanced φ 6.3mm jack output; Linear Power Supply (220V , 50Hz) Option you can choose the proper way for using.
  • Page 9: Rack Mounting

    5-2 Rack Mounting 5-3 Battery Insertion of the transmitter (1) Before mount receivers onto DR-900 rack adaptor, please release any cables from the rear of (1) Mh-850 & Mh-750 Handheld Transmitter the receiver. 1. Turn the microphone ball grille counter-clockwise ( Figure 1), press both release knobs to remove the (2) Turn over receiver and DR-900 rack adaptor simultaneously, there are 4 threaded holes each battery tray from the mic.
  • Page 10: Body-Pack Transmitter // Pt-850B(Mi)

    1. Use the supplied screwdriver to select a desired channel for the receiver and transmitters. Both receiver and transmitters are preprogrammed with 16 channels. (4) Instrument Microphones The system is compatible with JTS various instrument microphones. US-8002D For detail please refer to user’ s manuals of these microphones.
  • Page 11 (3) Using the PT-850B / PT-850Bmi Body-pack transmitter (6) Ear-hook Microphone 1. Use the supplied screwdriver to adjust the gain control on the rear panel of PT-850B / 1. Lightweight Dual Ear Hook Microphone PT-850Bmi body-pack transmitter to a proper level. Try on whether the headset is fit.
  • Page 12: Recommendation

    (1) In order to achieve the optimum reception condition and also extend the operating distance, (1) JTS offers wireless systems in a selection of bands that conform to the different government please leave a “open space” between the receiver and transmitter.

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