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JTS UF-10R Product Manual

Professional wideband (60~75mhz) true diversity system
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UF-10R / UF-10TH / UF-10TB
Professional Wideband (60~75MHz)
True Diversity System
No.148, Gongye 9th Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung
City 41280, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 886-4-24938803 Fax: 886-4-24914890
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  • Page 1 UF-10TB UF-10R UF-10TH UHF PLL UF-10R / UF-10TH / UF-10TB PROFESSIONAL CO., LTD Product manual No.148, Gongye 9th Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung Professional Wideband (60~75MHz) City 41280, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 886-4-24938803 Fax: 886-4-24914890 True Diversity System Email: 59508-040-01...
  • Page 2 4. Parts Identification & Accessories ......8 Warranty description ................8 4-1 Receiver // UF-10R 1. Be sure to put the warranty label indicating purchase date on the bottom of equipment to ensure your interest in maintenance and service............ 11 4-2 Handheld Transmitter // UF-10TH 2.
  • Page 3 The UF-10 Wide Band Wireless Microphone System uses the latest wireless technology Maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60~75 MHz. • can be found. Up to 75 MHz bandwidth benefits multi system application. JTS patented Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner. •...
  • Page 4: Specification

    3. Specification 3-2 UHF PLL Handheld transmitter // UF-10TH 3-1 UHF PLL Broadband true diversity receiver // UF-10R Frequency oscillation mode PLL Synthesized Control Frequency oscillation mode PLL Synthesized Control REMOSET........Radio Frequency Carrier frequency range..502~960MHz RF output......... 10mW/50mW (Depend on Local Regulation) Carrier frequency range..
  • Page 5 3-4 Optional Condenser Microphone Lavaliere Microphone Headset Microphone Model No....... CM-501 CM-201 CM-125 Model No....... CM-214 CM-214U CM-214UL Connector......4P Mini XLR 4P Mini XLR 4P Mini XLR Connector......4P Mini XLR 4P Mini XLR 801C3 (3 pin mini XLR) Frequency Response..
  • Page 6: Parts Identification & Accessories

    801CS (3.5 stereo plug) 801CS (3.5 stereo plug) down. Frequency Response..60~15,000 Hz 50~18,000 Hz EXIT key: when UF-10R is under “setup menu”, press EXIT to cancel selection or leave Polar Pattern......Omni-directional Omni-directional menu. Sensitivity (at 1000Hz) -64±3 dB -53±3 dB...
  • Page 7 (2) Receiver LCD instruction (3) Rear panel Power receptacle: connect to power supply (DC15V/1000mA) : indicate key lock is set (Key lock on). Balanced XLR MIC output : show antenna A or B is receiving signal; signal is not received φ...
  • Page 8 4-2 UHF PLL handheld transmitter key function and LCD description // 4-3 UHF PLL Body-Pack Transmitter // UF-10TB UF-10TH Power key: Battery Turn on power: press power key once Low Battery Indicator: when battery lever is low this red LED will light on constantly. Shut down power: press and hold power key for 2 seconds Note: when switch on the unit the red LED will light on for 1 second and turn off.
  • Page 9 4-4 Optional Condenser Microphone Headset Microphone // CM-214 / CM-214U / CM-214UL / CM-235 / CX-504 Lavaliere Microphone // CM-501 / CM-201 / CM-125 Gooseneck Adjustable headband Clip Headband 4 Pin Mini XLR 4 Pin Mini XLR Windscreen Windscreen CM-501 CM-201 CM-125 CM-214...
  • Page 10 Ear-hook Microphone // CM-801 / CM-804i / CM-8015 / CM-825i Compatible Instrument Microphone // CX-500 / CX-500F / CX-520 / CX-508W / CX-516W Boom Adjustable Headband Adjustable ear hook Gooseneck Detchable Cable Clip Cable Clip CM-801 Bracket Windscreen Volume Control 4 Pin Mini XLR Windscreen Option...
  • Page 11: Connection Method

    Receiver connection method 1. UF-10R output to a mixer or an amplifier: Audio cable: XLR or φ 6.3mm audio cable, one end connects to audio output of UF-10R “AF AC/DC power adapter: OUTPUT BALANCED”, while the other end connects to audio input of a mixer or an ampli- Switching power adapter fier.
  • Page 12 3. Receiver rack mount kit assembly//RM-10 (optional) 4. Rack Mount Kit RM-901 (optional) • (1) Assembly the rack mount kit as the following illustration to mount two UF-10R into one Mount one UF-10R into one U rack. U rack. (1) Screw the rack mount kit on the receiver.
  • Page 13: Operation

    6. Operation 6-1 Operation setup for broadband true diversity receiver system // UF-10R 1. Turn receiver power on (2) When microphone receives data, microphone indicator lamp shows blue light for 5 (1) Connect antennas onto the receiver seconds, while receiver blue light stops flashing, indicating the REMOSET has been done...
  • Page 14 1. Frequency: set frequency 3. User Group: user self-defined group and channel 1. Frequency 1. Frequency (1) Turn jog dial to “1. Frequency”, press Setup (or press jog dial) 2.Group/Channel Turn jog dial to “3. User Group”, press Setup (or press jog dial) to 2.Group/Channel 3.User Group 3.User Group...
  • Page 15 4. Scan: scan channel #3. Current Group: scan single channel 1. Frequency 1. All Groups (1) Turn jog dial to “4. Scan”, press Setup (or press jog dial) to 2.Group/Channel (1) Turn jog dial to “3. Current Group”; press jog dial to enter 2.
  • Page 16 (1) Turn jog dial to “7. Output Level”, press Setup (or press jog 6. Device ID press jog dial to go to next character setup; after setup press 7. Output Level JTS UF-10R dial) to enter into setup screen. Setup key to save setting. 8. Antenna Power Char:1/10 A user name consists of 10 characters at maximum.
  • Page 17 6-2 System operation setup for handheld transmitter // UF-10TH (3) At Lock On statue pressing of any key will prompt texts as Press Setup for 2 Sec. shown in the figure. 1. Turn power on for UF-10TH handheld transmitter to unlock keyPad (1) Turn on power: press power key once (Fig.
  • Page 18 (3) Adjust right 3 digit frequency: press keys with “+/-” 0.025 MHz as (2) Press keys to adjust default ID between 0 and 255; press SET key to Frequency Device ID unit change; after adjustment press SET key to save setting. G:- - C:- - switch to set ID: ON/OFF.
  • Page 19 7. Contrast: adjust screen contrast 10. Key Lock: set key lock REMOSET Name (1) Press keys to Contrast; press SET to enter into “Contrast” screen; RF Power (1) Press keys to Key Lock; press SET to enter into “Key Lock” screen; Key Lock Contrast adjust screen contrast.
  • Page 20 6-3 System operation setup for Body-Pack transmitter // UF-10TB 6-3-1 Turn power on for UF-10TB Body-Pack transmitter (Fig. 5) 2. Group: set group and channel Group (1) Turn on power: press power key once (1) Press keys to Group; press SET key to enter into “Group” setup screen. Sensit.
  • Page 21 5. Device ID: set device ID 7.RF Power: set transmission power RF Power Device ID (1) Press keys to Device ID; press SET key to enter into “Device ID” setup (1) Press keys to RF Power; press SET to enter into “RF Power” screen;set Contrast Remoset Light T.
  • Page 22 (3) Instrument Microphones (3) If setting is “Lock On”, except mute, pressing any other keys will prompt the Press Set The system is compatible with JTS various instrument microphones. following screen. for 2 Sec. For detail please refer to user’ s manuals of these microphones.
  • Page 23: Product Notes

    Attach the detachable cable to a suitable place by a cable clip. (5) When multiple units are in use, it is suggested to use JTS UA-900 antenna distributor to prevent interference. (6) When transmitter is not used for a long time, please remove batteries from battery compart- ment to avoid leakage of electrolyte solution to damage transmitter.
  • Page 24: Important Notice

    8. Important Notice (1) JTS offers wireless systems in a selection of bands that conform to the different government regulations of specific nations or geographic regions. These regulations help limit radio frequency (RF) interference among different wireless devices and prevent interference with local public communications channels, such as television and emergency broadcasts.

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