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Use Of The Ice And Water Dispenser - Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual

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Your freezer dispenses both cubed and crushed ice. Before
dispensing ice, select which type of ice you prefer. The button
controls are designed for easy use and cleaning.
For cubed ice, press the cubed ice button until the red indicator
appears in the window above the button. For crushed ice, press
the crushed ice button until the red indicator appears in the
window above the button.
To dispense ice:
1. Press button for the desired type of ice.
2. Press a sturdy glass against the ice dispenser lever. Hold the
glass close to the dispenser opening so ice does not fall
outside of the glass.
You do not need to apply a lot of pressure to the lever in
order to activate the ice dispenser. Pressing hard will not
make the ice dispenser faster or in greater quantities.
3. Remove the glass to stop dispensing.
The first few batches of ice cubes may have an off-taste. Throw
this ice away.
Ice is dispensed from the ice maker bin in the freezer
compartment. When the outside dispenser bar is pressed, a
trapdoor opens between the ice bin and the dispenser. When
the glass is taken away from the dispenser bar, a buzzing sound
may be heard for a few seconds as the trapdoor closes.
The dispenser will not operate when the freezer compartment
door is open.
Large amounts of ice cubes should be taken directly from the
bin, not through the dispenser.
For crushed ice, cubes are crushed before being dispensed. This
may cause a slight delay in dispensing crushed ice. Noise from
the ice crusher is normal, and pieces of ice may vary in size.
When changing from crushed ice to ice cubes, a small quantity
of crushed ice will be dispensed along with the first cubes.
After starting the appliance 3 to 4 hours are normally required
to obtain the first ice cubes.
For cubed ice
For crushed ice

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