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Automatic Icemaker - Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual

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Useful hints on the automatic ice maker (Style I)
• The ON/OFF lever is a signal arm:
Down.... for making ice automatically.
Up..... to switch off the ice maker.
To turn the ice maker on/off: (Style II)
The ON/OFF switch is located on the top right side of the freezer
1.To turn the ice maker on, slide the control to the ON (left)
NOTE: Your ice maker has an automatic shut-off. The ice
maker sensors will automatically stop ice production but the
control will remain in the ON (left) position.
2.To manually turn the icemaker off, slide the control to the
OFF (right) position.
To remove and replace ice bucket:
1.Place four fingers in bucket base opening and rest thumb on
the release button.
2.Holding the base of the bucket with both hands, depress the
release button and lift the bucket up and out. It is not
necessary to turn the ice maker control to the OFF (right)
position. The ice maker will not produce ice without the
bucket installed in the door.
• Normal Ice Production should produce approximately 7 to 9
batches of ice in a 24-hour period.
To care for ice storage bin or bucket:
1.Empty the ice container. Use warm water to melt the ice if
necessary. Never use anything sharp to break up the ice in
the bin or bucket. This can cause damage to the ice container
and the dispenser mechanism.
2.Wash ice bin or bucket with a mild detergent, rinse well and
dry thoroughly. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners or
Style I
Style II

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