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Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual page 11

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3gb33001.fm5 Page 41 Monday, August 20, 2001 3:48 PM
Use of the hanging bottle holder
This bottle holder can accommodate 1 bottle: hang it under the
right or left side of any refrigerator shelf.
Removal and rearrangement of the refrigerator shelves
It is possible to position the shelves according to your needs.
The glass shelves are strong enough to hold bottles, milk
cartons and heavy food: however, please don't bang them on
the shelves.
To remove the shelves:
• lift the front 10 cm;
• with one hand underneath, lift the back of the shelf;
• with both hands, pull shelf straight out.
Removal of the fruit and vegetable drawer and its cover, OR
Removal of the meat drawer and its cover:
• slide the drawer out until it stops;
• with one hand underneath the drawer, lift the drawer and
• the drawer will fall from the rails and can be pulled out
• to remove completely, the drawer will need to be rotated:
front end up, back end down.
To remove the glass cover of the drawer
• first remove the meat drawer and the fruit and vegetable
drawer as described above;
• then, with one hand underneath, lift and remove the glass
cover from its frame.
The frame of the cover can also be removed:
• lift the front of the frame 10 cm, then;
• with your other hand, lift the back of the frame, and pull-out.
To put the cover back:
• insert the back of the frame in the supports on the
refrigerator walls;
• lower it back into place;
• replace the glass cover.
Meat drawer temperature control
The cold air flows inside the meat drawer through an opening
between the refrigerator and the freezer compartment. This
helps to keep the meat drawer colder than the rest of the
refrigerator. Set the slider for higher or lower airflow.
Vegetable Position
If you wish to store vegetables in the meat drawer, move the
control all the way to the left to the vegetables setting. (This
avoids possible frost of the vegetables).

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