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Guide To Food Storage - Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual

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The freezer compartment, marked with the symbol
, allows the storage of frozen food as well as
the freezing of fresh or cooked food. It also allows the making of ice cubes.
The maximum quantity of food which can be frozen in a 24 hour period, at an ambient temperature of
25°C, is stated on the rating plate, inside the refrigerator.
Set the "FREEZER" control knob of the freezer compartment to its coldest setting.
Freezing of fresh food and automatic ice making cannot be carried out at the same time.
Therefore do not forget to stop the automatic ice maker by setting the lever on OFF. See the operating
instructions in chapter "Automatic ice maker".
Do not store warm food in the freezer; do not refreeze already thawed food; it is possible to freeze it
after cooking. Wrap food in aluminium foil or plastic film or place it into appropriate containers. Label
the wrappings and mark the freezing date and the contents.
The freezer compartment maintains the adequate storage temperature even during a power failure, for
a period of approximately 6 hours. However, during this time, we suggest you leave the freezer door
Preparing fresh food for freezing
It is important to wrap food so that no water, moisture, or vapour may pass through; this avoids the
transfer of odour or flavour throughout the refrigerator and allows better storage of frozen food.
We recommend the use of plastic containers with tight fitting lids, aluminium trays, aluminium foil,
plastic film, and waterproof plastic wrappings.
When sealing the food in bags, squeeze out the air (liquids need head space to allow for expansion).
Fasten the top of the bag with a string. Put the label inside transparent bags; use self-adhesive labels
on the outside of opaque ones.

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