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Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual page 8

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3gb33001.fm5 Page 38 Monday, August 20, 2001 3:48 PM
6.Adjust the front leveling bolt to bring the refrigerator top
parallel with the cabinet above the refrigerator. Leave
approximately 3.18 mm gap between the top hinges and the
cabinet. If you do not have a cabinet above the refrigerator,
simply adjust the refrigerator to make it level.
7.Adjust the rear leveling bolt to bring the refrigerator level
with the side cabinets or cabinet end panels.
8.If you want, you may now use the four leveling bolts to raise
the refrigerator to close the gap between the refrigerator top
hinge and the cabinet opening. Check that all four rollers still
touch the floor and that the cabinet doors above the
refrigerator open all the way.
NOTE: Cabinets with full-overlay doors will require 6.35 mm
additional clearance between the top hinge and cabinet to
prevent the doors from hitting the hinge when opening. If you
have a trim panel kit on the refrigerator doors, 19.05 mm
additional clearance is needed to prevent the cabinet doors
from hitting the refrigerator door trim.
9.Replace the base grille.
If necessary, it is possible to level the appliance from side to
side by turning the two levelling screws right behind the front
grille on the refrigerator bottom, one on the right and the other
on the left, proceeding as follows:
• remove the front grille;
• turn one screw or both, clockwise to raise the appliance;
• turn one screw or both, anticlockwise to lower the appliance;
• check if the desired levelling has been reached;
• put the front grille back into place.
Removal of the front grille
To remove the grille:
• open both doors (refrigerator and freezer);
• pull out the grille frontally to release it from the metal retainers.
At this point it is possible to reach the defrost pan for
periodic cleaning, proceeding as follows:
• remove the defrost pan;
• wash the defrost pan with warm water and sodium
• rinse and dry;
• put the defrost pan back into place with the notched corner
to the rear;
• make sure that the defrost drain tube is pointing into the pan;
• put the front grille back into place.
1. Leave 3.18 mm minimum
clearance for leveling the
refrigerator. Leave 6.35 mm
minimum clearance is you have
full-overlay cabinet doors.
2.Front of the refrigerator.

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