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Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual page 7

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3gb33001.fm5 Page 37 Monday, August 20, 2001 3:48 PM
Installing Custom Wood Panels
1.Remove any packing tape.
2.Remove the refrigerator and freezer door trims from the
hinge side of each door by pulling the trim away from the
bottom of the door first.
3.Partially unscrew the two screws that hold the top trim in
place. It is not necessary to completely remove the screws.
Loosen the screws approximately 6.35 mm from the trim to
allow the panels to slide freely.
4.Remove the existing door panels, if panels were provided.
5.Slide custom door panels into place.
NOTE: The freezer door panels may require 3.18 mm cardboard
fillers behind the panels to keep them from being loose in that area.
6.Replace the hinge side trims by inserting the notched end
under the top trim first.
7.Tighten the two top trim screws.
To remove the base grille:
1.Open the refrigerator and freezer doors 90°.
2. Remove screws from the base grille using a screwdriver.
NOTE: Do Not Remove Tech Sheet that is fastened behind the
base grille.
To replace the base grille:
1.Open the refrigerator and freezer doors to 90°.
2. Position the base grille in front of the refrigerator and replace
the screws.
Leveling Your Refrigerator
Your refrigerator has a front and rear roller at the base of the
product on each side. All four rollers can be adjusted from the
front of the product. If your refrigerator seems unsteady or you
want the doors to close easier, adjust the refrigerator's tilt
using the instructions below:
1.Check the installation location to be sure that you have the
proper clearance for the refrigerator. (See the "Space
Requirements" section.)
2.Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
3.Move the refrigerator into its final position.
4.Open the refrigerator and freezer doors to locate the leveling
bolts at the left and right of the refrigerator base. If your
refrigerator has a base grille, remove it (see "Base Grille"
earlier in this section).
NOTE: The top bolt will adjust the rear of the refrigerator,
and the bottom bolt will adjust the front of the refrigerator.
5.Use a 12.70 mm socket wrench to adjust the leveling bolts.
Turn the leveling to the right to raise that side of the
refrigerator or turn the leveling bolt to the left to lower that
side. It may take several turns of the leveling bolts to adjust
the tilt of the refrigerator.
NOTE: Be careful not to unscrew the leveling bolts too much
when lowering the refrigerator. The bolt head will start to
come away from the refrigerator when in the lowest position.
If the screw does come out of the rear roller bracket, the
compartment access cover on the back of the refrigerator will
have to be removed to reinstall the bolt.
1.Side Trims
2.Top Trim Screws
3.Door Panels
4.Filler Panels
1.Rear Leveling Bolt
2.Front Leveling Bolt

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