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Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual page 23

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Before calling for Service....
Performance problems often result from little
things you can find and fix yourself without tools
of any kind.
If your refrigerator will not work:
• Is the power cable plugged into a live socket
with the proper voltage?
• Have you checked your home's fuses?
• Is the thermostat control in the off position?
If there are noises or vibrations:
Most of the noises are normal. Hard surfaces like
the floor, walls, and cabinets can make the noises
seem louder. The following describes the most
common types of noises and what may be making
• Slight hum
You may be hearing the refrigerator's fan motor
and moving air.
• Clicking noises
The thermostat clicks when the refrigerator stops
running. It also makes a sound when the
refrigerator starts. The defrost timer clicks when
the defrost cycle starts and stops.
• Water noises
When the refrigerator stops running, you may hear
a gurgling noise in the piping for a few minutes.
You may also hear the defrost water running into
the defrost water pan.
• Ice maker noises
Since your appliance has an ice maker, you may
hear buzzing (from the water valve), trickling
water and the clatter of the ice falling into the bin.
If your ice maker will not work:
• Has the freezer had enough time to become
cold? With a new refrigerator this may take
• Is the lever in the down position (ON)?
• Is the water turned on? Is water getting to the
ice maker?
• Is there a water filter installed on the
This filter may be clogged or installed
incorrectly. First, check the filter installation
instructions to ensure that the filter was
installed correctly and is not clogged. If
installation or clogging is not a problem, call a
qualified person or a technician.
If there is water in the defrost pan:
• This is normal in hot, damp weather. The pan can
even be half full. Make sure the refrigerator is
level so that the water does not overflow.
If the edges of the refrigerator cabinet, which
come in contact with the door gasket, are warm
to the touch:
• This is normal in hot weather when the
compressor is running.
If the light does not work:
• Have you checked your home's fuses?
• Is the power cable plugged into a live socket
with the proper voltage?
• Has the light bulb burnt out?
In case of burned out bulbs:
1. Always pull the plug out of the socket;
2. Reach for the bulb behind the control panel;
3. Remove the bulb;
4. Replace it with one of the same type available
only at our Service Centres or Retailers.
If the motor seems to run too much:
• Is the condenser free of dust and lint?
• Are the doors properly closed?
• Are the door gaskets properly sealed?
• On hot days or if the room is warm, the motor
naturally runs longer.
If the door has been opened a lot or if a large
amount of food has been stored, the motor will run
longer to cool down the interior.

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