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Whirlpool Refrigerator Instructions For Use Manual page 12

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3gb33001.fm5 Page 42 Monday, August 20, 2001 3:48 PM
Half-width flip-up shelf (on some models)
To raise and lower the shelf:
1.Raise the shelf by first sliding it back and down to make it
half-width. (You can use the shelf in this position to allow
taller items to be stored on the shelf below).
2.Lift the front of the shelf until it fits securely in place against
the back wall.
3.Lower the shelf securely back into position.
4.Pull the front of the shelf forward until it fits into place.
Fruit and vegetables drawer moisture control
It is possible to control the moisture in the fruit and vegetable
• the control may be set in any position from LOW to HIGH.
• LOW excludes damp air from the drawer for better
preservation of fruits and vegetables with peel.
• HIGH keeps damp air inside the drawer for better
preservation of leafy vegetables.
Removal of the freezer compartment shelf
To remove the shelf:
• lift the right side from the supports;
• slide the shelf out of the supports on the left;
• put it back proceeding in reverse order.
Removal of the freezer compartment deep shelves
• slide the deep shelf outwards until it stops;
• lift the front to release the deep shelf from the retainer;
• pull out the deep shelf completely.

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