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Controlling The Tv; Switching On; Using The Remote Control; Using The Controls On The Tv - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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A wide variety of external equipment can be connected via the sockets located on the side and back of the
TV. Whilst all the necessary adjustments and controls for the TV are made using the remote control, the
buttons on the Back of the TV may be used for some functions.

Switching on

If the standby LED is unlit, check that the mains plug is
connected to the power and press the
back side of the television or
to switch the television on.
To put the television into Standby, press
remote control or
button on the TV. To view the television,
press again. The picture may take a few seconds to appear.
Note: The active Standby LED colour will turn to red in a few
moments when the TV is switched into Standby.
For energy saving:
Turning the TV off at its mains supply, or un-plugging it, will cut
energy use to nearly zero for all TV's. This is recommended
when the TV is not being used for a long time, e.g. when
on holiday.
Reducing the brightness of the screen will reduce energy use.
Note: Putting the TV into standby mode, will reduce energy
consumption, but will still draw some power.

Controlling the TV

button on the
button on the remote control
button on the
English - 14 -

Using the Remote Control

Press the MENU button on the remote control to see the
The main menu appears as a group of icons each for a menu
option. Press the Left or Right button to select a topic.
In sub menu screen mode the menu appears as a list. Press
the Up or Down button to select a topic.
To use the options press the Up and Down buttons on the
remote control to move up and down through them and OK,
Left or Right buttons to select the required choice. Follow
the on screen instructions. The functions of each menu are
described in detail throughout the manual.

Using the Controls on the TV

Using the control buttons on the Back of the TV:
• To alter the volume press
• To alter the programme position press
on the Back of the TV.
• Press
buttons at the same to view main menu
and use
buttons to navigate and
change value.
To select an external input, press
appropriate input source is selected.
Please always refer to the owner's manual of the equipment
to be connected for full details.
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