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Q & A Section - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

Led backlight lcd tv
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Q & A Section
Why is there no sound or picture?
Why is there a picture but no sound?
Why does the sound come only from
one speaker when stereo sound is
Why is the soundtrack in English
when a different audio language has
been selected?
What can cause a poor picture?
Why isn't the video / DVD being
played shown on screen?
Why is the Blu-ray / DVD player in
black and white?
Why are there horizontal stripes and/
or blurred images on the screen
when in PC mode?
Why doesn't the remote control
Why doesn't the Media browser
feature operate?
Why digital subtitles are not shown
on screen when they are selected?
Why is the digital channel locked?
Why are some encrypted digital
channels unavailable?
Why does the active standby LED
sometimes take longer to go out?
Why don't the controls of the TV
What is DVB-T?
What is DVB-C?
How are radio channels selected?
What can be done if the PIN is
Why don't the networked devices
Why doesn't the recording function
Why "USB is too slow" message
is displayed on the screen while
starting a recording?
English - 55 -
Check if the TV is not in standby mode
Check the mains plug and all mains connections
Check if the volume has not been turned off or sound mute has
not been selected
Check the balance in the SOUND menu if it has been set to one
side or not
The programme is currently being broadcast with an English
soundtrack only
Interference or a weak signal. Try a different TV station
Make sure the Blu-ray or DVD player is connected to the TV as
illustrated in the beginning chapters, then select the correct input
by pressing the SOURCE -
Check if the correct input has been chosen or not
The phase may need adjusting. Select PC settings and highlight
Phase and adjust until the picture is clear
Check if the batteries are exhausted or inserted incorrectly
Make sure the USB stick / HDD is connected correctly. Incorrect
operation may occur from a USB Hub connection.
Check your network setup if using a media server
Subtitles are not currently being transmitted by the broadcaster
Parental control is activated. Check parental settings
Your subscription needs upgrading. Contact your service provider
When in active standby, the TV's active standby will automatically
search all available channels for updates, provided automatic update
is enabled. The required time to do this may vary. Led blinks as red
and green in this mode
Check if CHILD LOCK is selected or not
Digital Video Broadcast via an aerial / antenna
Digital Video Broadcast via a cable system
You can select them via Channel list
You can reset the TV and perform the First Time Installation again.
Ensure that no one else is aware of this procedure by securely storing
the Owner's Manual
If you are asked to enter a PIN to perform the First Time Installation
consult your authorized retailer
Check the LAN cables if they are connected properly or not.
If it is wireless connection, make sure the wireless network settings
are done accordingly
Try switching off the TV and then re-inserting the USB device
while the TV is switched off
Try restarting the recording. If you still get the same error,
it is possible that your USB disk does not meet the speed
requirements. Try connecting another USB disk
button on the remote


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