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The Remote Control; Inserting Batteries And Effective Range Of The Remote Control - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Simple at-a-glance reference of the remote control. The supplied type is model dependant.

Inserting Batteries and Effective Range of the Remote Control


The Remote Control

1. Standby
2. Numeric buttons
3. 3D Settings
4. Mute
5. Volume Up / Down
6. Menu on-off
7. Navigation buttons
8. Okay (Confirm) / Hold (in
TXT mode) / Channel List
9. Return / Index page (in
TXT mode)
10. Media Browser
11. Quick Menu
12. My button 1(*)
13. Coloured buttons
14. Mono/Stereo - Dual I-II /
Current Language
(in DVB channels)
15. Rapid reverse
16. Programme recording
17. Pause / Timeshift recording
These buttons may have default functions depending on the model.
However you can set a special function to these buttons by pressing on
them for five seconds when on a desired source or channel. A confirmation
message will be displayed on the screen. Now the selected MY BUTTON
is associated with the selected function.
Note that if you perform first time installation, MY BUTTON 1&2 will return
to their default function.
Remove the back cover to reveal the battery compartment and make sure
the batteries are inserted the right way round. Suitable battery types for this
remote are AAA, IEC R03 1.5V.
Do not combine a used, old battery with a new one or mix battery types.
Remove exhausted batteries immediately to prevent acid from leaking into
the battery compartment. Dispose of them in a designated disposal area.
Warning: Batteries must not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine,
fire or the like.
The performance of the remote control will deteriorate beyond a distance
of five metres or outside an angle of 30 degrees from the IR receiver. If the
operating range becomes reduced the batteries may need replacing.
English - 8 -
18. Play
19. Subtitle on-off (in Media
Browser mode and in DVB
20. Stop
21. Rapid advance
22. Image size
23. My button 2(*)
24. Teletext / Mix (in TXT
25. Electronic programme
guide(in DVB channels)
26. Exit
27. Internet portal
28. Info / Reveal (in TXT
29. Programme Down /
Page up -
Programme Up / Page
30. Previous programme
31. AV / Source selection


Table of Contents

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