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Other Controls; Configuring Other Settings - General; Operation; Menu Timeout - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Configuring Other Settings - General

You can configure the settings of your TV. Select
Settings from main menu and press OK to view the
Settings menu. Press the MENU button on the remote
control to exit.
To view general configuration preferences, select
Other Settings in the Settings menu and press OK


• Press Up or Down button to select an item.
• Use Left or Right button to set an option or press
OK button to view a sub-menu.

Menu Timeout

To set a specific display timeout for menu screens,
set a value for this option.
In the Other Settings menu, select Menu Timeout
and choose 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec or Off using Left
or Right button.

Scan Encrypted Channels

When this setting is set as Yes, search process will
locate the encrypted channels as well. If it is set as
No manually, encrypted channels will not be located
while in automatic search or manual search. Scan
Encrypted Channel feature will always be Yes after
performing first time installation.
• In the Other Settings menu, use Up or Down button
to select Scan Encrypted Channels.
• Press Left or Right button to set this function as
Yes or No.

Other Controls

If you set this option to On, HbbTV services such as
catch-up services, video-on-demand, EPG, games
will be available if the broadcast supports. You can
disable this feature by setting this option to Off.
If the signal is weak or absent, the TV will automatically
change to a blue screen. To enable this, set Blue
Background to On.
• In the Other Settings menu, select Blue
Background and choose On or Off using Left or
Right button.
This feature helps to keep your TV updated. It works
automatically and searches for new information when
You can enable or disable automatic upgrade by
setting the Automatic Scanning option.
You can manually start searching for new software by
selecting Scan for upgrade and pressing OK button.
Press RET/BACK or MENU button to cancel the
Displays the current software version.
If the broadcaster enables any special signal
concerning the audio, you can set this setting as On
to receive such signals.
• Use Up or Down button to select Hard of Hearing
and then press Left or Right button to set this setting
as On or Off.
Audio description refers to an additional narration
track for blind and visually impaired viewers of visual
media, including television and movies. The description
narrator talks through the presentation, describing
what is happening on the screen during the natural
pauses in the audio (and sometimes during dialogue,
if deemed necessary). You can use this feature, only if
the broadcaster supports that additional narration track.
English - 33 -

Hbb TV

Blue Background

Software Upgrade

Application Version

Hard of Hearing

Audio Description


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