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Settings Menu Operation, Conditional Access; Configuring Your Tv's Settings; Viewing Settings Menu; Using A Conditional Access Module - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Settings Menu Operation, Conditional Access

Configuring Your TV's Settings

Detailed settings can be configured to suit your
personal preferences.

Viewing Settings Menu

Press MENU button and select Settings by using Left
or Right button. Press OK button to view Settings
Press Up or Down button to highlight a menu item.
Press OK button to select an item. Press MENU
button to exit.
Conditional Access: This setting controls conditional
access modules when available. Use Up or Down
button to highlight Conditional Access. Press OK
button to continue.
Language: Configures language settings.
Parental: Configures parental settings.
Timers: Sets timers for selected programmes.
Recording Configuration:
configuration menu
Date/Time: You can configure date/time preferences
by using this menu screen.
Sources: Enables or disables selected source
Network Settings: Configures network settings.
Other Settings: Displays other setting options of
the TV set.
Displays the recording
English - 29 -

Using a Conditional Access Module

The Common Interface Slot, situated on the side of the
television, enables the insertion of a CAM (Conditional
Access Module) and card. These are purchased from
a service provider and allow additional subscription
broadcasts to be viewed. For more information, see
a service provider.
IMPORTANT: Insert or remove the CAM only when
• In order to watch certain digital channels, a conditional
access module (CAM) is necessary. This module must
be inserted in the CI slot of your TV.
• Obtain the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and
the viewing card by subscribing to a pay channel
company, then insert those to the TV using the following
• Insert the CAM and then the viewing card to the slot that
is located in the terminal cover at the rear side of the TV.
• The CAM should be correctly inserted, it is impossible
to insert fully if reversed. The CAM or the TV terminal
may be damaged if the CAM is forcefully inserted.
Connect the TV to the mains supply, switch on and then
wait for few moments until the card is activated.
• When no module is inserted, "No common interface
module detected." message appears on the screen.
• Refer to the module instruction manual for details of
the settings.

Viewing Conditional Access Menu (*)

(*) These menu settings may change depending on the
service provider.
Press MENU button and select Settings by using
Left or Right button. Press OK button to view
Settings menu. Use Up or Down button to highlight
Conditional Access and press OK to view menu


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