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Recording Configuration - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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This feature is not available in all countries. For the countries where this feature is available a USB

Recording Configuration

You can configure recording preferences using this
menu. Press MENU button and select Settings by
using Left or Right button. Then select Recording
Configuration item in the sub-menu and press OK
button. The following menu will be displayed.
Start early: You can set recording timer's starting time
to start earlier by using this setting.
End late: You can set recording timer's end time to
end later by using this settings.
Max Timeshift: This setting allows you to set the
maximum time allowed for timeshifting. Duration
options are approximate and can change accordingly,
depending on the broadcast received.
Auto Discard: You can set the Discard type as None,
Oldest, Longest or Shortest. If the Discard type is
not set to None, you can set the Unplayed option as
Included or Excluded.
Hard disk information: You can view detailed
information about the USB storage device connected
to your TV.
Format Disk: If you want to delete all files on the
connected USB storage device and convert the disk
format to FAT32, you can use this option.
Press OK button while the Format Disk option
is highlighted. A menu will appear on the screen,
requiring you to enter the PIN(*). After you enter the
PIN, a confirmation message will be displayed.Select
YES and press OK to start formatting the USB storage
device. Select NO and press OK to cancel.
(*) Default PIN can be set to 0000 or 1234. If you have defined
the PIN(is requested depending on the country selection)
Recording Configuration
connected storage device will be required.
English - 31 -
during the First Time Installation use the PIN that you
have defined.
Note 1: ALL the data stored on the USB storage
device will be lost and then the disk format will be
converted to FAT32 if you activate this feature. Ensure
that you backed up important recordings or data in the
device before you format it.
Note 2: The USB storage device will not work on other
media players if formatted on the TV


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