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Analogue Only Text Services; Analogue Text Services; Using Text Button -Text; Acessing Sub-Pages - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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This television has a multi-page text memory, which takes a few moments to load.

Analogue Text Services

Before using the text services, the required language
region must be chosen.
• Select Language from the Settings menu.
• Highlight Teletext in the Language Settings
menu and press Left or Right button to choose the
required language region.
After the Teletext language is selected, press MENU
button to exit.

Using Text Button -TEXT

• To view text services press TEXT. Press TEXT again
to superimpose text over a normal broadcast picture.
• Press TEXT again to return to normal viewing.
• Programmes cannot be changed until text is
• The first text page shown will be the initial page.
• Any text page can be accessed by entering the 3
digit page number using the numbered buttons.
Press P
or Up/Down buttons to go to the next/
previous page.
• Four coloured titles will appear at the base of the
screen. To access one of the four given subjects,
press the relevant coloured button on the remote
• For further information on your particular text
system(s), see the broadcast text index page or,
consult your local Toshiba dealer.
Below is a guide to the functions of the remote control
text buttons.

Acessing Sub-Pages

If a text page has sub-pages, press Left/Right buttons
or enter the sub-page number 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.
to access.

Revealing Concealed Text

To discover the solutions on quiz and joke pages press
the "INFO -
" button.

Holding a Page

At times it is convenient to hold a page of text. Press
OK and "HOLD" will appear in the top left of the
screen. The page will be held on screen until the
button is pressed again.

Analogue Only Text Services

English - 46 -

To display an initial page

Press RET/BACK to access an initial page. The one
displayed is dependant on the broadcaster.


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