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Important Safety Information - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

Led backlight lcd tv
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Important safety information

• Any function related to the digital television (with the DVB logo) is available only within the country or area
where such signals are transmitted. Verify with the salesperson if it is possible to receive a DVB - T/C signal
in the area where you live.
• Even if the television conforms to the required DVB - T/C specifications, the compatibility with future digital
DVB - T/C transmissions is not guaranteed.
• Some digital television functions may not be available in certain countries.
• The DVB - T/C system present in this device, allows reception of both FTA (Free To Air) and Encrypted
• Note; Encrypted channels require a specific encryption system to view, which may not be available in certain
• DVB is a registered trademark of the DVB Project. The DVB logo indicates that the product is compliant
with European Digital Broadcasting.
TV Installation
• Do not stand the televisions on cloth or other materials placed between the television and supporting furniture.
• Educating children about the dangers of climbing on furniture to reach the television or its controls.
• Always hold the plug when disconnecting the unit from the socket outlet. Do not pull on flex. The flex can
become damaged and cause a short circuit.
• Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the unit.
• Set up unit so that no one will trip over the flex.
• If you intend to wall mount the unit, contact the shop where you purchased the unit for advice, and leave the
installation work to professionals. Improper installation can cause damage and/or injuries.
• To protect the unit during a thunder storm, unplug the AC power cord and disconnect the aerial, cable and
satellite decoder/systems etc.
Caution: Do not touch the aerial connector.
• The unit becomes warm when in operation. Do not place any covers or blankets on the unit in order to
prevent overheating.
• The ventilation holes should not be blocked. Do not set up near radiators. Do not place in direct sunshine.
• Moisture condensation occurs in the following situations:
- When you move the unit from a cold place to a warm place.
- When you use the unit in a room where the heater was just turned on.
- When you use the unit in an area where cold air from an air conditioner directly hits the unit.
- When you use the unit in a humid place.
• Never use the unit when moisture condensation could occur.
• Using the unit when moisture condensation exists may damage its own internal parts. Allow two or three
hours, the unit will warm up and moisture will be evaporated before switching on.
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