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Using Youtube Tm - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Network Settings, Portal, Internet Browser and YouTube
Press the EXIT button to close the portal and
watch TV again.
• The virtual keyboard or numeric buttons on the
remote, which are assosiated with the letters of the
alphabet, can be used for entries.
• The browser does not support multiple tabs.
• Some internet pages include flash content. These
are not supported by the browser.
• The TV does not support any download processes
from the web browser.
Using YouTube
You need to configure a home network before using
this feature.
This TV allows you to view Youtube content.
Press "Mybutton1 -
You can also press "
launch the YouTube application on the portal to access
• Depending on the network environment and use
case, you may experience difficulty viewing the
• It may take time for the TV to load and begin playing
back the content.
• Service content and the interface may be changed
at any time without prior notice.
" to connect YouTube directly.
" button on the remote and
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