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Network Settings, Portal, Internet Browser And Youtube; Configuring Network Settings; First Enter To Toshiba Portal; Using The Toshiba Portal - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Network Settings, Portal, Internet Browser and YouTube

Configuring Network Settings

Press the MENU button to open the main TV menu.
Highlight Settings by pressing Left or Right buttons
and press OK to enter. Highlight Network Settings
and press OK. While Network Type is highlighted,
press Left or Right buttons to select connection type.
Then highlight Network. Press Left or Right buttons
and set as Enabled to enable the connection.
If you are going to make a wireless connection for
the first time, press YELLOW button to search for
available networks. If there is no presaved wireless
profile on the TV, the TV will also search for available
networks when set as Enabled. Choose a network
from the list and press OK. You may have to enter
a password if the selected network is password-
protected. Enter the password and choose OK on the
virtual keyboard and press OK.
Wait a while and Configuration Status will change
to Connected. IP address and Network name will
appear, which means that the connection is done.

First enter to Toshiba Portal

At first time the "
" button is pressed, the TV
downloads and installs the latest version of the
portal if available. Then the introduction page of
the portal setup wizard will be displayed. Press
OK to proceed.
Next step is End User License Agreement(EULA).
The user have to scroll the whole text down to
the end and check the box next to Agree by
highlighting it and pressing the OK button. This
means that the user accepts the agreement.
Now, the user can highlight Next and proceed
by pressing OK.
The user can skip the rest and portal page will
be displayed. Account and profile settings can
be configured later from the Settings menu on
the portal.

Using the Toshiba Portal

You need to configure a home network before using
this feature.
Toshiba Portal is a service, where content (web sites,
applications, online services etc.) can be viewed
across the web through a simple user interface.
Press "
" button on the remote. Select the desired
application using the navigation buttons. Press OK to
launch the application or go to related link. This can
take up to a minute or two to connect.
From the portal page, the user can also access to the
media files stored on USB storage devices connected
to the TV or on the media servers in the same network.
• Some applications may require an always-on
broadband internet connection, firmware update
and/or additional bandwidth dedicated to this
• Third party internet services may change, be
discontinued or restricted at any time.
• Use of third party internet services may require
registration by a computer and if needed payment
of charges and membership.
• Service content and the interface may be changed
at any time without prior notice.
Toshiba makes no warranties about the content,
availability or functionality of third-party content or

Using the Internet Browser

To use the internet browser, enter the portal first. Then
launch the Internet application on the portal.
Predefined web sites and logos will be displayed on
the browser's opening page to provide quick access.
The user can add desired websites to the quick access
page. To add a new quick access item, point the
cursor to "
A submenu will be opened. Then point the cursor to
" and press OK. On the next window, point
the cursor to one of the quick access items and
press OK to replace it with the new one.
To visit a web site move the cursor to the adress
bar using the navigation buttons on the remote and
press OK. The virtual keyboard will be opened in a
new window.
Enter the URL in the adress bar. Point the cursor to
" button and press OK.
To make a search on internet, enter a keyword in
the adress bar. Point the cursor to "
press OK.
Press the BACK button to close the virtual keyboard
or to go to previous page in the browser.
Press the "
English - 35 -
" whilst on the website and press OK.
" button to turn back to portal home
" button and


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