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3D Settings; 3D Viewing Information - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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3D Settings

3D Important Info
Highlight 3D Important Info and press OK button
on the remote to display safety precautions for 3D
3D Mode
You can customize the 3D mode settings to provide
the best viewing experience. Select one of the
following modes to experience 3D image viewing:
Auto: Automatically switches to 3D mode if 3D
information is detected from a digital broadcast or a
HDMI source.
Side by Side: Displays 3D content which is originally
in a form of side by side.
Top bottom: Displays 3D content which is originally
in a form of top and bottom.
Game: When playing 1:1 games on your TV, each
player can enjoy the game with a full screen using
this feature. To do this, the game you want to play
has to support Dual Play. And you need to put on
the proper Dual Play glasses(sold separately). If a
problem occurs by using Game mode, turn off/on the
connected game console first and try again. Even if
the game doesn't support dual play, in certain split-
screen games it is possible to use dual play feature
by setting the TV's 3D Mode to Side by Side or Top
Bottom according to the split screen type that the
game includes.
Off: 3D function mode is turned off.
2D Only
If content is 3D but you want to watch it in 2D, you can
switch to 2D Only mode. There are 2 options (LEFT
and RIGHT) to select which side of the content you
want to watch in 2D.
Using 3D Feature
English - 38 -
- continued
Virtual 3D
Conversion from 2D to 3D. You can enable or disable
this feature by setting as Low, Medium, High or Off.
Left/Right Swap
You can use this setting to shift the phase of the 3D
left/right broadcast.
3D Depth Sense
This setting enables the control of 3D depth.

3D Viewing Information

Refer to the size/distance guidelines below to
experience 3D in the best possible way.
Viewing Distance
0,8 0,95 1,2 1,35 1,45 1,55 1,7 1,75 1,8
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Vertical Viewing Angle
It is strongly recommended that the eye level of the
viewer should be same height as the center of the
TV. In case that is not possible, tilt the TV accordingly
in its stand or wall mount. The picture may not be
visible or may look dark if you do not stay within the
viewing angle.


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