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Recordings; Media Browser Settings - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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This TV allows you to enjoy photo, music or video files stored on a USB device or media server.
You can set subtitles by using
during the playback. Selected subtitles may not be
displayed correctly in some cases.
In order to display movie subtitles correctly, you
should set a subtitle language. See the section,
Media Browser Settings for selecting movie subtitle


You can play back, edit or delete previously recorded
programmes stored on the USB storage device using
Recordings menu.
To display Recordings menu, Press the MENU
button on the remote. Select Media Browser by
pressing Left or Right button and press OK. Select
Recordings and press OK. Recordings menu will
then be displayed with available recordings.
IMPORTANT: To view the previously recorded
programmes in the Recordings window, you should
first connect the USB storage device to your TV in
which the programmes are stored.
All the recordings are kept in a list. Select an item from
the list by using Up or Down button.
Red button: Erases the selected recording.
Green button: Makes changes on the Delete and
Playback options of the selected recording .
Blue button: Changes the order of the recordings.
You can select from a wide range of sorting options.
OK button: Opens the Play options menu. Select an
option by using Up or Down and press OK.
Using Media Browser -
English - 44 -
• Play from start: Plays the selected recording from
the beginning.
• Resume: Recommences the selected recording.
• Play from offset: Specifies a playing point for the
selected recording.
Resume (
button): Recommences the recording.
Details (INFO -
button): Displays information on
the selected recording.

Media Browser Settings

You can set your Media Browser preferences by using
the Settings dialogue. Press Up or Down button to
highlight an item and use Left
View Style: Set default browsing mode. Set as Flat to
list all selected type of files stored in the USB device
or media server. Set as Folder to list all selected type
of files in the selected folder.
Slideshow Interval: Set slide show interval time.
Show Subtitle: Set subtitle enabling preference.
Subtitle Language: Set supported subtitle language.
Subtitle Position: Set subtitle position as Up or
Subtitle Font Size: Set subtitle font size.
Right button to set.


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