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Cautions And Other Information For 3D; Notes On Watching The Tv - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Cautions and Other Information for 3D

• For optimal 3D effect and to avoid eye fatigue it is
important that you properly select your viewing
position. The best viewing position is with your
eyes at the same level as the center of the display
IMPORTANT: If you see a double image, your
eyes are either too high or too low in relation to the
horizontal center of the screen.
Adjust your position so that it is closer to the center
to avoid eye fatigue and to enjoy optimum 3D effects.
• Watching TV while sitting too close to the screen
for an extended period of time may cause eye
strain. The ideal viewing distance should be at least
three times the screen height.
• Switching left and right images. The left and right
eye shutter timing of the glasses can be swapped.
If 3D images look blurred, switch the left and right
sides of the 3D image.

Notes on watching the TV

• 3D effect and image quality may vary depending
upon content quality and display device capability/
• If you use any device, such as a mobile phone or
mobile wireless device, near the 3D glasses, the
3D glasses may not work correctly.
• Use the product in the following temperature
range; otherwise, the quality of the 3D image or
the reliability of the product cannot be guaranteed.
– 3D glasses: 0 °C - 50 °C
– TV: 5 °C - 35 °C (41 °F - 94 °F)
• If you use a fluorescent light, it may flicker
depending on the frequency of the light. In this
case, reduce the brightness of the fluorescent
light, or use another light. (It is not recommended
to watch the TV in a dark room, especially for
• Wear the 3D glasses properly, otherwise you
may not see the correct 3D image.
• When not viewing 3D images on this unit, take
off the 3D glasses; otherwise, it may be difficult
to see the display on other products such as PC,
digital clock or calculator, etc.
• To active the 2D to 3D conversion function set
the Virtual 3D option in the 3D Settings menu
as On.
• The 2D to 3D conversion function is meant
for enjoyment of 2D home video, and other 2D
content you create, in 3D according to your
personal preferences.
Note: The effect you may see depends on Picture content.
• The 2D to 3D conversion function is not intended
for use with pre-recorded 2D copyrighted
content owned by a third-party unless the
copyright owner has given direct or indirect
permission, or unless applicable law permits
such use.
About the connecting cable
• Use a high-speed and high-quality HDMI
cable when you connect a device such as 3D
compatible BD player or PC to the TV. When
you use a standard HDMI cable, 3D images may
not be shown.
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