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Using Media Browser; Manual Start; Auto Start - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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This TV allows you to enjoy photo, music or video files stored on a USB device or media server.

Manual Start

To display Media Browser window, press the "
" button on the remote control. The Media Browser
menu is also accessable from the main menu. Press
the MENU button on the remote. Select Media
Browser by pressing Left or Right button and press
Select the media type to be listed and press OK.
If there is more than one media source available, a list
of devices and servers will be displayed. Highlight the
device or server from the list and press OK.

Auto Start

When you plug a USB storage device, the following
menu will be displayed.
You can play or view music, video and picture files
from an USB storage device connected to the USB
Moreover you can also play or view music, video and
picture files from a media server on the same network.
To display the files with folders, select Settings tab
and change View Style to Folder. So the selected
type of files in the selected folder will be displayed.
Additionally the All tab will be added to the main
Media Browser menu. To list all available music,
video and picture files in the selected folder at once,
select All tab and press OK button.
If View Style is set to Flat, all selected type of files
will be listed. If for instance, Video is selected in the
main Media Browser menu, TV will search the source
for all video files and list them.
Some USB compliant devices may not be supported.
If the USB storage device is not recognized after
power off/on or First Time Installation, plug the
USB device out and power off/on the TV set. Then
plug it in again.

Using Media Browser

• Do not use a USB Hub.
• You must obtain any required permission from
• Depending on the file size and amount in your USB
• Only limited types of USB devices are supported.
• Non-supported characters will be replaced with a
English - 41 -
copyright owners to use copyright content.
Toshiba cannot and does not grant such permission.
storage device or media server, it may take some
time for loading to view. A message will be displayed
on the screen when loading files from the USB
device or media server.
Therefore, it is suggested not to use USB for playing
Media Player.
square (□).


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