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Configuring Picture Settings; Operating Picture Settings Menu Items; 3D Settings; Mode - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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You can configure picture settings of your TV by using Picture Settings menu.

Configuring Picture Settings

You can use different picture settings in detail. You
can customize current picture mode settings as
desired. For example, you can change items such as,
Brightness, Contrast, Colour and Sharpness.
Press MENU button and select Picture by using Left
or Right button. Press OK button to view Picture
Settings menu.

Operating Picture Settings Menu Items

• Press Up or Down button to highlight a menu item.
• Use Left or Right button to set an item.
• Press MENU button to exit.

3D Settings

The 3D feature of your TV enables you to view 3D
Refer to the Using 3D Feature section in this manual
for detailed explanations on how to use the 3D
Settings menu items.
This TV offers the choice of personalising the picture
style. Natural, Cinema, Game, Sports and Dynamic
are preset options and affect settings within the TV.
Press Left or Right button to select the picture mode
you prefer.
Note: Some options may be inactive depending on the
selected mode.


Sets the lightness and darkness values of the screen.
Press Left or Right button to adjust the contrast.
Configuring Picture Settings


Sets the brightness value for the screen. Press Left
or Right button to adjust the brightness.
Sets the sharpness value for the objects displayed
on the screen. Press Left or Right button to adjust
the sharpness.
Sets the colour value, adjusting the colours. Press
Left or Right button to adjust the colour.
Enables or disables the power save mode. Press
Left or Right button to set as Disabled, Eco or to
turn the screen off. See the section Environmental
Information in this manual for further information on

Power Save Mode.

Note: Picture mode will be set to Dynamic automatically if
the Power Save Mode is set to Disabled.
This setting controls the backlight level and it can be
set to Auto, Low, Medium and High.
Note: The backlight function will be inactive if Power Save
Mode is set to Eco or picture mode is set to Game.
Sometimes some words or picture elements may
become distorted or pixelated. Using the Noise
Reduction feature reduces this effect by smoothing
out the edges. Press Left or Right button to set noise
reduction level.
Some additional controls in the picture menu are
grouped under the title Advanced Settings. To view
or change, first highlight Advance Settings and press
OK button to view. Advanced Settings menu controls
are as the following:
Dynamic Contrast: You can change contrast rate by
using dynamic contrast function. Dynamic contrast
can be set to one of these options: Low, Medium,
High or Off.
Colour Temp: Colour Temperature increases the
'warmth' or 'coolness' of the picture by increasing the
red or blue tint. Colour temperature can be set to one
of these options: Normal, Warm or Cool.
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Power Save Mode


Noise Reduction

Advanced Settings


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