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Setting Timers; Timers; Setting Sleep Timer; Setting Programme Timers - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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To view Timers menu, press MENU button and
select Settings by using Left or Right button. Press
OK button to view Settings menu. Use Up or Down
button to highlight Timers and press OK to continue:

Setting Sleep Timer

The television can be set to turn itself off after a certain
length of time.
• Highlight Sleep Timer by using Up or Down button.
• Use Left or Right button to set. The timer can be
set to Off or between 30 minutes and 2 hours (120
minutes) in steps of 30 minutes.

Setting Programme Timers

This feature will set the television to go to a specific
channel at a certain time. It can be used to view a
particular programme or can be used to view a series
of programmes by setting the Repeat option to Daily,
Weekly or Weekdays.
Press Down button to highlight a timer on an event.
Programme timer function buttons will be displayed
on the screen.
Note: This feature will be available only when a timer has
been programmed.

Adding a Timer

Press YELLOW button on the remote control to add
a timer. The Add timer menu appears on the screen:
Network Type: Set the network type to filter the
channels that will be listed in the Channel option.
Timer Type: You can select timer type as Record
or Timer.
Channel: Changes channel by using Left or Right.
Record Type: This feature is unavailable to be set.
Date: Enter a date using the numeric buttons.
Start: Enter a starting time using the numeric buttons.
End: Enter an ending time using the numeric buttons.
Duration: Displays duration between the starting
and ending time.
Repeat: Sets a timer to be repeated as Once, Daily,
Weekly or Weekdays.
Change/Delete: There are two options available,
Allowed and Disallowed. If this option is set as
Disallowed, a PIN(*) is required to change or delete
the programmed timer.

Setting Timers

Playback: Controls the permission for the playback of
the programme that will be recorded. There are three
options available, Use parental settings, Disallowed
and Allowed. To set this option as Allowed, user
should enter a PIN(*). This option is only available if
the Timer Type is set to Record.
(*) Default PIN can be set to 0000 or 1234. If you have defined
the PIN(is requested depending on the country selection)
during the First Time Installation use the PIN that you
have defined.
Press OK button to save the timer. Press RET/BACK
button to cancel.
• Select the timer you want to edit by pressing Up or
Down button.
• Press GREEN button to edit.
• When finished with editing, press OK button to save.
You can press RET/BACK button to cancel.
• Select the timer you want to delete by pressing Up
or Down button.
• Press RED button.
• Select Yes by using Left or Right button and press
OK to delete the timer. Select No to cancel.
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Editing a Timer

Deleting a Timer


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