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Initial Installation - Toshiba 48T543 series User Manual

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Before switching on the TV, put your decoder and media recorder to Standby if they are connected and
ensure the aerial/cable is connected to your TV. To set up the TV, use the buttons on the remote control as
IMPORTANT: Ensure that the aerial/cable is connected
and a Common Interface module is not inserted before
switching on the TV for the first time installation.
1. Connect the mains plug and switch the TV on
using the
button. If the TV does not switch on,
press any numbered or
control, then the language selection menu will
be displayed. This screen will appear the first
time that the TV is switched on and each time
the TV is reset.
2. By pressing Up or Down button, highlight the
language you want to set and press OK button.
The following screen will be displayed next:
3. By pressing Left or Right button, select the
country you want to set and press Down button
to highlight the Search Type option. Use Left or
Right to set the desired search type. Available
search types are Digital only, Analogue TV
only and Full.
4. When set, press Down button to highlight
Teletext Language. Use Left or Right button to
select desired language region. Highlight Scan
Encryted Channels and enable/disable this
option by using Left or Right buttons. Press OK
to continue.

Initial Installation

detailed on The Remote Control page.
button on the remote
English - 15 -
Note: Depending on the Country selection you may be asked
to set and confirm a PIN at this point. The selected PIN cannot
be 0000. You have to enter it if you are asked to enter a PIN
for any menu operation later.
5. The following message will be displayed next on
the screen:
Select Store mode if the TV will be placed in a
store to exhibit. This option will configure your
TV's settings for best display quality and the
supported features of the TV will be displayed on
the top of the screen as a info banner. If Store
mode is selected, a confirmation screen will be
displayed. Select YES to proceed. For home use
select Home Mode.
This option will be available in Other Settings
menu and can be turned off/on later.
6. Press OK button on the remote control to continue
and a message will be displayed asking wheter
you want to do network settings. Select Yes and
the Network Settings menu will be displayed.
Please refer to Connecting a Home Network and
Network Settings sections to configure a wired
or a wireless connection. After the settings are
completed press OK button to continue.
7. Afterwards, the following OSD will be displayed
on the screen:
8. If you select Cable option, a confirmation screen
will be displayed. If you want to search for
available networks, select YES to proceed. The
following screen will be displayed:


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