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Hdz series ip ptz dome
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About This Document

This document provides instructions for installing, configuring, and operating the HDZ Series IP
PTZ dome camera. This document is intended for system installers, administrators, and

Overview of Contents

This document contains the following chapters and appendixes:
Chapter 1,
Introduction, provides an overview of the main features of the HDZ Series IP
PTZ dome camera and lists the dimensions of the indoor and outdoor models.
Chapter 2, Installing the
Camera, describes how to assemble, connect, and mount the
Chapter 3, Accessing the
Camera, describes how to access the camera remotely from a
web browser.
Chapter 4, Configuring Video and Audio
audio streaming options, including video resolution, compression, and transmission
Chapter 5, Configuring PTZ
tour, and auto pan PTZ functions, privacy masks, and various camera settings (such as
exposure, zoom, white balance, backlight compensation, wide dynamic range, noise
reduction, image flip, stabilization, and so on).
Chapter 6, Configuring
Alarms, describes how to set up notifications for alarm inputs,
motion detection, and network failure events.
Chapter 7, Configuring System
permissions, how to configure network and recording and storage settings, as well as how
to view system parameters, upgrade software, and restore defaults.
Appendix A, HDZ Camera
dome cameras.
Appendix B, In-Ceiling Bracket
in-ceiling mounting bracket.
provides a searchable list of key terms.
Streaming, describes how to set up video and
Settings, describes how to set up preset, mimic tour, preset
Settings, describes how to administer user accounts and
Specifications, lists the specifications of the HDZ Series IP PTZ
Installation, provides installation instructions for the
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800-11873V4 - A - 07/2014

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents