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Rugged housing and dome
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ACUIX IP Rugged Housing and Dome

About Using This Guide

Document 800-02460 Rev A
This guide has instructions to install the rugged dome with the ACUIX IP dome.
ACUIX Terminology
Dome: the complete installed product
including the housing, mounting
bracket, lower dome, and the scan
Scan Assembly: the combination of
firmware, electrical and mechanical
components including the camera. The
scan assembly is installed into the
housing and enclosed by a lower dome.
The scan assembly is a component of a
Camera: the particular model
camera purchased. The camera is
a component of the scan
Housing: the in-ceiling, indoor or
outdoor pendant and surface mount
upper enclosure. Housing is a hardware
component of the dome.
Mount: the hardware used to mount the housing to the applicable surface (for
example, a ceiling or wall). The mount is a hardware component used with a
specific type of housing.
Lower Dome: the clear or colored enclosure that covers the scan assembly and attaches
to the housing. With the rugged dome, it also includes the trim ring. The lower dome is a
hardware component of the dome.
ACUIX IP Rugged Housing and Dome Installation Guide
The ACUIX Dome is comprised of:
Mounting bracket
Scan assembly
Trim ring
Lower dome


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents