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Figure 2-3 Hdxwm2 Wall Mount Installation - Honeywell HDZ20HD User Manual

Hdz series ip ptz dome.
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Figure 2-3
To install a wall mount:
Ensure that the mounting surface can
support the combined weight of the
camera and the mount (should support
at least 8.9 lb. [4.05 kg]).
If you are using a corner or pole adapter,
feed the cables through the cable access
hole of the adapter, and then attach the
adapter to the mounting surface using
appropriate mounting hardware.
Feed the cables through the mount,
leaving approximately 1 ft (0.3 m)
extending past the end of the mount.
Optionally, you can feed the cables
through the 0.75 in. (19 mm) conduit
hole at the base of the mount arm (see
If you are using the recommended
safety cable for additional security,
feed it through the mount and attach
one end to the camera eyelet and the
other end to the building structure (see
Attach the mount to the wall or, if
applicable, to the adapter using
appropriate mounting hardware.
For outdoor wall mount installations, apply sealant (not supplied) to any gaps between the
mount and the mounting surface, and ensure that the conduit hole plug is in place when
the conduit hole at the base of the mount arm is not in use.
Screw the mount kit into the wall mount.
Connect the cables to the camera (see
using a Micro SD card, install it before connecting the cables.
Attach the camera to the mount kit and then tightly fix the security screw on the top of the
HDXWM2 Wall Mount Installation
Example of Outdoor
Dome Wall Mount
Feed cables
through the
mount kit
Check that the eyelet safety cable connection is secure, and carrying all of the
load of the camera after making all cable connections.
Optional: the installer can use the lubricant on the rubber ring on the top of the
outdoor PTZ to make it easier to re-attach to the housing and seal the PTZ dome
cover and housing without water coming in. Be careful to not get any lubricant on
the dome as it may interfere with viewing PTZ images.
Installing the Camera | 27
Cable access
19 mm (0.75 in.) cable
hole for field
access hold for
surface-mounted conduit
Screw the mount kit
into the wall mount
Tightly fix the screw at the
top of the camera after
connecting the three parts
Attach the camera
body to the mount
Connecting the Cables on page
800-11873V4 - A - 07/2014
29). If you are



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