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Installing A Parapet/flat Roof Mount; Figure 2-4 Hdprm2 Parapet/flat Roof Mount Installation - Honeywell HDZ20HD User Manual

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28 | HDZ Series IP PTZ User Manual

Installing a Parapet/Flat Roof Mount

The HDPRM2 parapet/flat roof mount weighs 22.5 lb. (10.2 kg) and can be installed directly to
a vertical (parapet) or horizontal (flat roof) load-bearing surface. The mount has a maximum load
rating of 20.1 lb. (9.1 kg) and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The mount can withstand
winds up to 75 mph (121 km/h) when properly fastened to a support structure. See the
documentation included with the parapet mount for more information on securing the mount to
the mounting surface.
To install a roof mount:
Ensure that the mounting surface can support
the combined weight of the camera and the
mount (should support at least 28.2 lb. [12.8
Feed the cables through the mount, leaving
approximately 1 ft (0.3 m) extending past the
end of the mount.
If you are using the recommended safety
cable for additional security, feed it through
the mount and attach one end to the camera
eyelet and the other end to the building
structure (see
Attach the mount to the mounting surface using
as many of the mounting holes as possible (a
minimum of five fasteners on each side of the
mounting plate is recommended).
Apply sealant (not supplied) to the bottom of
the vertical pipe and around the bolt holes to
prevent water or other contaminants from
entering the mount.
Screw the mount kit into the parapet/flat roof
Connect the cables to the camera (see
Connecting the Cables on page
using a Micro SD card, install it before
connecting the cables.
Figure 2-4
HDPRM2 Parapet/Flat Roof Mount Installation
29). If you are
Check that the eyelet safety cable connection is secure, and carrying all of the
load of the camera after making all cable connections.
Attach the camera to the mount kit and then tightly fix the security screw on the top of the
Example of
Outdoor Dome
Parapet Mount
Feed cables through
the mount kit
Screw the mount kit
into the parapet mount
Tightly fix the screw at the top
of the camera after connecting
the three parts
Attach the
camera body to
the mount kit



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