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Upgrading The Processor - Mitsubishi Electric Apricot LS 550 Owner's Handbook Manual

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Table of Contents
7. You then need to remove the CD-ROM drive bay from the
8. Slide out the drive bay and place it on an anti-static surface.
9. You then need to loosen the screws which secure the hard disk
10. Place the upgrade hard disk into the hard disk drive bay and
11. Place the hard disk drive bay back into the system unit and
12. Connect the hard disk's power and signal cables.
13. Refit the CD-ROM and floppy drives into the system unit and
14. Refit the system unit cover.

Upgrading the processor

The computer is supplied with a Pentium processor. The ZIF (zero
insertion force) processor socket on the motherboard is designed to
accept a variety of Intel Pentium processors.
You can upgrade your processor by replacing it with one of higher
performance. The motherboard supports the full range of
OverDrive processors known at the time of writing.
The system also supports a range of external clock speeds of 50, 60
and 66 megahertz (MHz). The clock speed is set by adjusting
jumpers on the motherboard. Note that the external clock speed is
lower than the processor's internal clock speed, which is usually the
one advertised. The ratio of the internal and external clock speeds is
known as the 'processor clock multiple'.
system unit as the hard disk is fitted in a drive bay under the
CD-ROM drive. Identify the screws which secure the drive bay
into the system unit and then loosen them to release the drive
drive bay into the chassis and slide it out of the system unit.
secure it with the four side screws.
secure the drive bay back into the system unit.
reconnect the power and signal cables for both.
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Table of Contents

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