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Programming The Tv Code - Motorola RG2200 User Manual

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Your Network Service Provider programs each remote control to work with one TV by way of a TV code. The TV Code is a
specific code for each brand and model of TV. When a TV code is set, the remote control is ready to operate the TV. The
TV codes can be programmed manually, or they can be scanned. Each of the methods is described below.
To program the TV code if you know the three-digit code (see
1. Press the LED key and hold it down until the LED
flashes rapidly.
2. Press the REC key. The LED stops blinking at this point
and stays on solid.
3. Press and release the C key. The remote is now in pro-
gramming mode.
4. Enter the three-digit code that corresponds to the brand
name of the TV.
See "TV Codes - SRC 300" on page
If the code is valid, the LED will flash on and off three times and then remain off.
If an invalid code is entered or a 20 second lapse in button presses occurs, the LED will turn off and the remote control will
return to normal operation. You will need to repeat the above procedure to program the TV code.
"TV Codes - SRC-200" on page
1. Press the MUTE button and hold it down until the LED
at the top of the remote control flashes rapidly.
2. While the LED button is flashing, enter the three digit
code that corresponds to the brand name of the TV.
See "TV Codes - SRC-200" on page 76.



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