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The SRC-300 remote control operates older RG models as well as newer models. To allow for this, the remote can be set
to operate in either SRC-200 Compatibility Mode or SRC-300 Native Mode. When in SRC-200 Compatibility Mode, the
SRC-300 transmits IR/UHF messages that use the same format as the SRC-200 remote control (messages are 16-bits in
length.) When in SRC-300 Native Mode, the SRC-300 transmits IR/UHF messages using the 18-bit message format. The
default operating mode is SRC-200 Compatibility mode.
To program the operating mode:
1. Press and hold the LED key until it starts to blink.
If an invalid code is entered or a 20 second lapse in button presses occurs, the LED will turn off and the remote control
will return to normal operation. You will need to begin the procedure from step 1.
2. Press the REC key. The LED stops blinking and stays solid.
3. Press and release the D key.
The LED temporarily turns off. Releasing the key causes the LED to light up again.
4. Press 0 to select SRC-200 compatibility mode or 1 to select SRC-300 native mode.
The new Operating Mode is then stored in the device.
If the Operating Mode had been 1 (SRC-300 Native Mode) and is now set to zero (SRC-200 Compatibility
Mode), then the Gateway ID is reset to zero and also stored in the device.
Once changes have been made, the remote control resumes normal operation. If the value entered was not valid (a key-
press other than 0 or 1,) the LED indicates the error by turning off immediately and the remote returns to normal operation.
(All values in the device remain unchanged.)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents