Configuration Examples - Motorola RG2200 User Manual

Residential gateway
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Your Network Service Provider installs the RG2200 and connects all your electronic devices to the RG2200. However, you
may need the information in this section if you ever want to do any of the following:
Move existing devices to a different location
Add new devices to your system
Reconfigure existing connections
The RG2200 should be located in the area with your primary TV (TV1) and your home entertainment system.
When you rearrange your equipment, be sure to unplug and plug in your equipment in the following order:
1. Unplug all electronic devices, including the TV, VCR, and RG2200.
2. Disconnect all cables between your electronic devices.
3. Make your planned changes.
4. Reconnect the cables between these devices.
User Tip:
When you are plugging your RG2200 in to a VCR that has more than one AV input, be sure to plug your
RG2200 into the default, or primary input, which could be called AV-1 or L-1. Consult your VCR user's manual.
5. After you have connected the cables, first plug in the RG2200.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents